Minister Arslan: "4 More Cities Will Join the Aviation Network"

Minister Arslan: "4 More Cities Will Join the Aviation Network": Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan stated that they have taken many steps in all kinds of transportation in order to facilitate life in the last 14 years and said, “We work day and night for the development of our country and the welfare of our people, we will continue to work. " said.

Arslan commemorated the martyrs in his speech while he was celebrating with the personnel in the Ministry. Arslan pointing to the world of confusion and terror attacks in Turkey, such an environment, the survival of the country's security forces, said that independence and give a future to fight on the inside and outside sipera life.

Minister Arslan, they also sake of Turkey's approachable and accessible, contractors and service purchases, including 240 thousand to simplify people's lives with the Ministry of the family, they do important work on behalf of contributing to the development of the country and said they will continue to do.

Arslan pointed out that despite the increase in comfort on the roads, the loss of life and property was lost in the accidents caused by the failure to comply with the traffic rules, and stated that 4 people lost their lives during the 65-day holiday. Arslan said, "If we do not obey the rules, if we do not respect the rights of the other person, if we do not take into account that we carry lives and that each of the passengers we carry is valuable, such losses will occur." he spoke.

  • "We will continue to work without slowing down"

Emphasizing that in the last 14 years, as a team, they have done many things in all kinds of transportation to facilitate the lives of people, Arslan said, "We work day and night for the development of our country and the welfare of our people, we will continue to work." used the expression.

Arslan who asked the staff of the ministry to evaluate the time well in summer, continued:

“As we have not disappointed our country's trust in us until now, let's not disappoint it from now on. We need to work uninterruptedly in order to earn the right of the money collected with the contributions of 80 million and transferred to us for the investment program, and to serve our people up to a penny right for the service of our country. We need to make good use of the hot, clear and dry days in the summer so that we do not waste our trust in us and use the billions transferred to us in the investment program in a healthy, timely and efficient manner. In order not to disappoint this trust, we will work very efficiently this summer, too. "

  • Green port certificates will be issued

Arslan stated that "green port" certificates in maritime will be given this week, and that they will open a pier in Çıldır Lake on Sunday and put the ships into service of people.

Cost Universal Service Fund met from the remotest corners of Turkey will be signed contract with regard to providing services to 4,5 g 472 thousand transferred from the base station to be taken Arslan, so he said they took an important step in the communication field.

Arslan stated that the 11-kilometer highway at the Kurtköy Junction connected to the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge will be put into service with the honor of Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım and said that they will continue to make people's lives easier.

About 3 thousand kilometers of railways, underlining that even the actual work done Arslan, the largest airport in the world in aviation in Turkey and stated that 25 thousand people at work in the world to offer the service.

Arslan pointed out that apart from 55 airports, airports will be built in Yozgat, Karaman, Gümüşhane and Bayburt and 4 more cities will join the aviation network.

Arslan, who stated that PTT, which has served the country for 176 years, has become a brand with the steps taken in the last 14 years, said:

“We kept many PTT workplaces open during the holiday, but this was unfortunately a subject of criticism. While people are on their vacations, we work without saying "holidays". We did not say 'We are closed for 4 days', we worked actively, especially in a period when there was so much mobility and people wanted to benefit from PTT services. We continued to serve them both in order to facilitate the lives of our people and to facilitate the lives of our tourists who come to our country and add value.

  • "What we have done for 14 years is the guarantee of what we will do"

Working with team spirit, Minister Arslan said that the distance 14 has made in the year increases expectations and that they will not frustrate these expectations by working with team spirit.

Today's better than yesterday, but tomorrow will be better than today stressing Arslan, said:

“The assurance of this is the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications team of 240 thousand people. The guide is certain, to rise above the level of contemporary civilizations demonstrated by the Great Leader Atatürk. The guide is our leader, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who sees the work of our Ministry as an indispensable part of the development and growth of the country, and our Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, the doyen of transportation, and a worldwide brand. We will continue to do our services under their leadership and guidance. Half of us will be better than today. We have achieved the success until today with a certain effort and effort. It is important to achieve success, it is more difficult to stay there and even to get above it. Our job is to achieve the difficult. We will achieve the challenge with you. "

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