Konya Istanbul YHT Expeditions Increased

a special rumi train was created to the cone
a special rumi train was created to the cone

📩 20/06/2019 20:21

Konya Istanbul YHT Expeditions Increased: TCDD Transportation Inc. increased the number of YHT flights between Konya and Istanbul to six to meet the increasing passenger demand.

23 The new YHTs launched from the 2017 date of June, will be on the clock from 12: 45, Istanbul (Pendik): 12: 30. Hence, YHTs, which were moving in the morning and evening hours before, will offer a more comfortable journey with morning, noon and evening hours.

TCDD Transportation Inc., which provides service to 50 thousand passengers with 20 YHT expedition in Ankara-Eskişehir, Ankara-Istanbul, Ankara-Konya, Konya-Istanbul high-speed train lines, increases the number of flights to 52. With the new regulation, the daily passenger capacity will be increased by approximately 1000 people in Konya-Istanbul route.


In addition, additional HRCs will be operated in order to meet the increasing passenger demands due to the Ramadan Feast. 23-24 and 27 June 2017 dates will be added between Ankara-Istanbul, Istanbul-Ankara YHTs from Ankara, time from Ankara: 12: 40, time from Istanbul (Pendik): will.

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