Izmit city traffic directed by warning signs

Izmit city traffic is guided by warning signs: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which is conducting new traffic arrangements in the city of Izmit, guides citizens with signs and signs to adapt to the new circulation demand. The Department of Transportation is providing warning signs to the roads and turns that change the direction of flow. In addition, informative markings were provided to the buildings on the road surfaces in the regulated areas.


In this context, Cumhuriyet Caddesi was divided into two with dubalas and turned into a double strip. Parking on the street was completely eliminated. In addition to traffic signs on routes, routes are made with written signs and lines applied to the floor. At certain points municipal police teams are on the road. Drivers are asked to obey traffic signs and markers.


Leyla Atakan was on a two-way street, now only a street from the south to the north. İnönü Caddesi operates from Baç Junction to Cumhuriyet Park. İnönü Caddesi works from the Baç Junction to the hospital again. At Alemdar Street, the traffic flows downwards. Hurriyet Street is on the east-west direction and Cumhuriyet Street continues to work in the west-east direction.


Where the Art School was located, the U-turn was given. At the same time, there is a U-turn next to the World Eye Hospital. A U-turn was given next to Hurriyet and Cumhuriyet Caddesi. A vehicle coming from Hürriyet Caddesi will be able to transfer to Cumhuriyet Avenue from this turn. A vehicle descending Gazanfer Bilge Avenue will use the U turn in front of the School of Art to go towards Yahya Kaptan. A vehicle from the Gölcük area will use the U-turn in front of the World Eye Hospital to enter the city center.



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