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Don't Miss the "Discount" Opportunity During Izmir People's Feast Visits: Izmir residents will travel at a discount rate of 50 percent with public transportation vehicles belonging to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality during Ramadan Feast. In addition, the routes and times of the buses allocated for free cemetery visits were determined. During the Ramadan Feast, there will be trips to cemeteries from 08.00 different points between 17.00-6.

Public transport vehicles (excluding Airport, Owl, Ticket 35, Monthly Ticket and Campus Student Tariff) belonging to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will serve with a 50 percent discount during the Ramadan Feast. According to the decision taken in the Metropolitan Municipality Council, the residents of Izmir will be able to make their feast trips as “at half discount” in public transportation vehicles belonging to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Izmir residents will also benefit from public transportation vehicles allocated for visits from the grave free of charge on holidays.
Between the 08.00-17.00 hours during the Ramadan Feast, the free-of-charge flights and departure points are as follows:

• Konak - Karabağlar Cemetery, Yesilyurt Cemetery (Movement: Bahribaba bus platforms)
• Konak - Hacılarkırı Tomb (Movement: Konak AKM bus platforms)
• Karşıyaka İskele - Soğukkuyu Cemetery, Doğançay Cemetery, Örnekköy Cemetery
(Movement: Karşıyaka pier bus platforms)
• Bornova - Eski Kabristan, Yeni Kabristan, Işıkkent, Pınarbaşı, Hacılarkırı cemeteries (Movement: Bornova Square)
• Şirinyer - Buca Former Kabristan, Buca Yeni Kabristan, Gökdere Cemetery (Movement: Şirinyer Transfer Center)
• Balçova Cemetery (Movement: Fahrettin Altay Transfer Center)
• Lower Narlıdere Cemetery (Movement: Fahrettin Altay Transfer Center)

All precautions were taken in İzmir Metro and İZBAN to prevent any problems during the holiday. The İZDENİZ General Directorate will start the Foça and Yassıcaada flights, which will start on the second day of the holiday, as well as the Urla flights to be held for the first time.

Günceleme: 17/12/2018 18:14

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