Izmir Bay Transit Project: 'A serious threat to flamingos İzmir

Izmir Bay Transit Project: 'A serious threat to flamingos İzmir

The İzmir Bay Transition Project of the Ministry of Transport threatens the natural life of the Gediz Delta, also known as the Bird of Paradise. One of the 20 flamingos living in the world lives in Izmir, where the bridge is to be built. The Nature Association, EGEÇEP, TMMOB and 85 filed a lawsuit against the bridge project planned to be built in İzmir Bay and demanded the cancellation of the X positive kişi decision on the environmental impact assessment report. The reason for the case is the irreversible damage to the nature of the Project Gediz Delta and the Gulf of Izmir.

If the Izmir Bay Transition Project, which includes the six-lane road and the railway, will be implemented, thousands of hectares of protected areas and first degree natural protected areas will be deemed to be absent.

Nature's way of making flamingos region provided by the Association of Turkey and all the experts is the most important wintering area in the Mediterranean provides the opportunity to experience each year 10-15 30-40 thousand thousand flamingos and water birds. In other words, half of the birds living in the bird paradise are fed in the area where the bridge feet will be established. The area has long been a natural site and is located right at the border of the protected area under the International Ramsar Convention. The bridge project is in violation of the Ramsar and Bern Conventions and the Environmental Law, the Law on Land Hunting and the Assessment and Management of Environmental Noise.

Nature Association experts, flamingon in the field of intense presence can be seen even with satellite programs such as Google Earth can be seen. Green easily visible in coastal marshes in the region every year thousands of flamingos and all made in Turkey is recorded in the Mid-Winter Waterfowl census. All of these data are in the hands of decision-makers. There are no studies on what the impact of the bridge will be on the breeding and feeding birds, fish species and marine mammals in the region.

Commenting on the subject, Dicle Tuba Kilic, the president of the Nature Association, said: söyl One of the 20 flamingos living in the world lives in Izmir, where the bridge is to be built. With the cooperation of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, millions of pounds were spent on flamingos and a reproduction island was built. Now they want to destroy the feeding area of ​​the same birds. Think about it, they make a house for you, but they destroy your kitchen. Just as a person cannot live in a house without a kitchen, flamingos cannot survive without feeding. There will be a serious threat to the world population of flamingos if the project takes place. No bridge, no monument can replace the richness offered by nature to Izmir. If you have money you can bridge any place you want, but you can't even get a single flamingon. It is in our hands to live the flamingos of Izmir and its invaluable wealth. For this reason, we will be the followers of our case. Le

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