İZBAN did not finish the overpass did

When the İZBAN overpass didn't end, they did the cobwebs: the two young people were very dangerous because of the incompleteness of the work of the Martyr Lieutenant Serdar Genç Overpass. Muratbey-Tepeköy swamped to pass through the young people, bypassed the railing of the İZBAN line entered the line. It was the most interesting detail where two youngsters crossed the İZBAN line from the overpass.

The news that Torbaliege was late in the work of Martyr Lieutenant Serdar Genç Overpass a week ago was on the agenda. What kind of dangers the project caused due to the delay of the project was revealed with the images reflected in our lens the other day. The two young people, who entered the İZBAN line to cross the street without paying attention to the warnings made by the authorities, risked their lives. Two young people, who were too lazy to go to the Muratbey-Tepeköy overpass, about 1 kilometer away, managed to cross the street without experiencing an unfortunate event.


3 year passed over the removal of the level crossing linking Cumhuriyet District and Ertuğrul District. Despite the time elapsed and the expiry date of the project, the overpass was tired of the citizen. People who often encounter such landscapes, lar 3 have been waiting for this overpass since the year. Although the end date is 20 May, the construction of the overpass is still not finished. Just because there is no overpass here, the 50 meter leads to the 2 mileage. Then the child goes in and out of the railway. How do people become victims in this way? İnsanlar


Stating that the youngest children frequently entered the İZBAN line, the residents said: ın We always see that young children enter the railway because of this distance. They don't know how they put their lives at risk. You know, someone's got to die here. Is it right for people to tell when a service will come to life and give them hope in vain? Why the authorities do not comment, Yet he said. Contact BURAK directly

Source: torbaliege.net


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