Iftar Surprise at Pendik Metro Station

Da Iftar Surprise in Pendik Metro Station: 7 in the city center, Ramadan tents in a separate point in the Pendik Municipality iftara citizens who are caught on the road does not forget. Pendik Mayor Dr. Kenan Şahin made a pleasant surprise for the citizens.

Pendik Municipality, thousands of people gathered in iftar tents every evening while the citizens of iftar clock on the road did not neglect. Municipal teams, at the outlets of the Metro exit in the palm, simit, cheddar cheese and separate iftariyelik are distributed. Citizens who open their fast fasting, expressed satisfaction with the service provided by the municipality, shared their views on social media.

Mayor of Pendik Metro Station Kenan Sahin also attended. Metro output against the head of the iftar at the hands of the President of the President both surprised and taken a souvenir photo.




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