IETT Family Made Itself Together

IETT Family Made Iftar Together: Iftar dinner organized traditionally by IETT every year, this year was held with the participation of employees and their families.

IETT General Manager Arif Emecen hosted the iftar, which was given to 3 thousand people in Yenikapı İBB City Park. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor for dinner. Kadir Topbaş, İBB Secretary General Dr. Hayri Baraçlı, IETT General Manager Arif Emecen, Deputy General Manager Hasan Özçelik and Dr. Ahmet Bağış, Bem-Bir-Sen Chairman Mürsel Turbay, UCLG Secretary General Mehmet Duman and NGO representatives, IETT employees and their families participated.

Mayor Topbaş, before the iftar dinner, organized by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality “Haremeyn, Hac; He opened the exhibition titled "Sacred Journey". Then, he visited the Ramadan Activities Area on the Yenikapı coast and visited the area where Turkish handicrafts and centuries-old flavors were exhibited. Mayor Topbaş with the citizens who filled the area until the iftar time sohbet and took a souvenir photo.

The IETT iftar program, which started with the recitation of the Quran, ended with protocol speeches and iftar dinner.

Mayor Topbas: in IETT is the face of IMM Başkan
Addressing the citizens after the end of Mayor President Topbaş, IETT Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality said it was the face.

President Topbas stated that IETT served the Istanbul residents with the most modern vehicles and said ız We have come up to this time by continuing the local government understanding that our president started during the mayoral presidency İ.

Indicating that the total of the investments they made in Istanbul since the day they took office is 98 Bill, Mayor Topbaş said u We have allocated the 55 of our investments for transportation Göre.

General Manager Emecen: u IETT is a great place:
IETT General Manager Arif Emecen, who gave a speech in the Iftar program, expressed his happiness for being together with IETT people in iftar dinner on such a beautiful evening. said.



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