What is the cost of the delayed tramway of Izmit?

"550 will be completed in the day" 634 came into service before the end of the day. Izmit's 84 tram with the day delay began the voyage.
The tram called işi Akçaray or works but does more work. There are a large number of edits on the route that are not completed. No stall was installed instead of more and more work. So you're going to understand that the trolley will continue for a few months.
None of the big projects of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality were completed in time. Numerous examples can be given.
Tramway work was not expected to end in time. There was a wait ...
But there was no more than the shopkeepers on Izmit and the itinerary. The trades that remained in a very difficult situation were even shutter. Some of them, like the operators of the entertainment center, were almost fired.
Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, who spoke about the lateness of loneliness, made a strange statement such as “The Tram Contractor upset us Yaş.
Karaosmanoglu made a statement to a local newspaper, the construction of the tram construction company both themselves and the city upset, the company also said the company will upset.
But the Metropolitan Municipality will cut the punishment for the company that will upset Büyük
President Karaosmanoğlu, the contractor will pay the price of all the delay, all of the penalties will be applied, he said.
So what is the amount of this penalty? Is this our most natural right to ask?
How will this cut penalty benefit the closing trades of the workplace?
What is the use of dust in the soil for months?
Will the telephone lines removed during the construction work be of benefit to the drilled natural gas pipes?
More importantly, did the Metropolitan Municipality take lessons from it? Did someone get what they had to take for bigger jobs?
Now someone authorized to explain this penalty and apologize to the people of Izmit.

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