Intense Interest in Haydarpaşa Book Days

Intense Interest in Haydarpaşa Book Days:Kadıköy 9 thousand people visited the 19th Book Days organized by the Municipality of Haydarpaşa Station on the first day

Kadıköy Istanbul residents show great interest in the Book Days organized by the Municipality at the historical Haydarpaşa Station. Book Days started on Saturday, June 3, 19 thousand people visited the first day. Nearly 11 publishing houses are participating in the Book Days, which will end on June 200th. Haydarpaşa Book Days, which will host its visitors for a week, also hosts dozens of interviews.

In the second day of the Book Days in which the names such as İrfan Değirmenci, Enis Batur, Banu Güven and Nasuh Mahruki were interviewed, Yekta Kopan, Canan Karatay, Ercan Kesal, Enis Rıza, Gürkan Hacır interviews with the readers; Zafer Algöz, Can Yılmaz and Emre Kongar a large number of artists and writers sign books for their readers.

In the rich talk and signature program of the Book Days 5 Adnan Özyalçıner, Cengiz Hakki Zaric, Cand Destroyed Istanbul uz, Kamil Yavuz and Erhan Candan on iç Cartoon Education and Children ın, Circassian Montenegro gün Today's Photo N, Özlem Akşit, Sedat Şenemen "Women in Turkey", Sedef Kabas "Turkey Direction that women", Osman Erk "Health Reinventing" Sevtap Text, Unity İşseven who, Ertugrul Long "1 Litigation", Gökhan Yavuz, Ertugrul Long, November Akbas " . Distopya ve Edebiyat le, Haluk Şahin will meet the reader with the interviews entitled ”Who Killed the Journalist? Dist.


Haydarpasa Book Days, Short Film Collective film screenings and interviews are hosting. Throughout the Book Days, there are many workshops, especially where children can have fun and fun time. Philosophy, Origami, Cartoon, Creative Writing, Detectiveism, Story Writing, Portrait Drawing and Fairy Tale Therapy are just a few of these workshops,

There are rhinestones

Kadıköy Municipality, Bostancı Amusement Park, Bostancı Ferry Pier and Kadıköy There are ring trips to Haydarpaşa Station in front of Haldun Taner. On June 3-9, 11.00, 13.30, 16.30 and 19.30 in front of Bostancı Ferry Terminal; At 10.30, 14.00, 17.00, 20.00, Bostancı Minibus Road in front of the Lunapark; 11.30, 13.30, 15.30, 17.30, 19.30 Kadıköy There will be services in the 9th Book Days in front of Haldun Taner.


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