Green Left Party Bursa: Burulaş confusion, humiliation of woman!

The Green Left Party made a statement criticizing the açıklama female priority wagon “application initiated by Bursa Provincial Organization Bursaray.

On behalf of the Provincial Organization, spokespersons F. Özen Çerençe and A. Serdar Esen said in a statement that isten Neither women are second-class citizens or men are all abusers uygula.

The whole explanation is:

Iları In recent days, the intensity experienced in Bursaray brought the Bursa people to the point of rebellion. Those who had to travel to the tep fish farm tep especially in the morning and evening hours, in addition to the occasional malfunctions, were increasing the reaction to Burulaş.

Yesterday we learned that a new application began in Bursaray. The news we received while waiting to increase the number of flights or number of wagons and the regular operation of the air conditioners created anger not only in our own but in most of the people of Bursa. Burulaş of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has launched a bağlı top-priority wagon for female passengers “application in the subway. The application, first launched at the Otosansit stop, will be implemented in forty stations in the coming days.

Burulaş officials from the request of the citizens of the application was launched on the latest wagon, women will be given priority, but the men could travel in these wagons.

The people of Bursa want to travel in better conditions and more affordable prices. Increasing the number of flights and wagons to be done for this purpose, transportation prices to a reasonable level, women's isolation is not!

The practice of this issue includes discrimination and humiliation towards both men and women. It considers women to be ekt weak ise and ”need to be protected ekl as second-class entities, and men as gereken harassers Kadın. In addition, although there was no gender, the word rağmen lady “was used instead of female.

As the Green Left Party we perceive this practice as an indicator of or gender inequality cinsiyet and we want it to be removed immediately. Neither women are second-class citizens, nor men are completely abusive.

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