Governor Coş Participated in TÜVASAŞ's Iftar Program

Governor Coş participated in the Iftar Program of TÜVASAŞ: TÜVASAŞ employees came together in the Iftar program at the Social Facilities. Sakarya Governor Hüseyin Avni Coş attended the program.

Turkey Wagon Industry Inc. (TÜVASAŞ) iftar program held in the Social Center, Sakarya Governor Huseyin Avni Cos, TÜVASAŞ General Manager Ilhan Kocaarslan, Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor Mehmet private, Turk-Is Sakarya Province Representative employees Cemal Yaman attended.

Governor Coş, in his speech here, the union, togetherness, love and respect, the month of Ramadan also gave rise to the increase.

Coş, who stated that TÜVASAŞ is an institution in which everyone is a pupil, said:
Governor Coş, who is one of the first industrial companies in Sakarya, believes that the new general manager and employees together with our new general manager and employees, will walk towards the big goals with determination, belief and excitement and will get nice results. to produce. We will do this by working hard.

I wish from Allah Almighty that the spiritual power that emerged in the month of Ramadan is reflected in the production of motivation. I wish you a healthy and peaceful way of Ramadan, ”he said.

In his speech, TÜVASAŞ General Manager İlhan Kocaarslan said, adan In this occasion, it is our hope and hope that our nation, our country and the Islamic world will be free of all kinds of accidents, trouble and terror. The facade of the building is TÜVASAŞ. Our task in this front is to produce domestic and national railway vehicles. We will do this by working hard. I wish you a healthy and peaceful way to Ramadan. Bay

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