France announces transition to unmanned rail transport in 2023

France announced the move to unmanned rail transport in the 2023: SNCF, France's national railway operator, gave a different dimension to the world of autonomous vehicles. SNCF has announced that it will move to unmanned (autonomous) rail transport until 2023. High-speed trains unmanned 2023'ın explaining that they plan to use the SNCF, 2019 until the end of the prototypes and tests to begin the test aims.

The SNCF trains, which can already travel at 321 km / h, will be developed by adding sensors to allow them to identify objects on the road, brake systems that can be used in emergency and normal situations, and remote pilot systems. In the early days if something goes wrong (which they need to solve during the tests that last for years), a conductor who will direct the guests and take control, will of course be on the train. Furthermore, efforts are made to ensure that even the solution of unforeseen problems in the train can be provided remotely.

As the popularity of autonomous vehicles continues to increase, expectations are rising. Unmanned vehicles (applicable to all types of transport) promise to be safer, more economical, more effective and more useful to everyone. Everyone from Tesla to Toyota is working for this purpose, and even some countries are starting to allow them to travel through the streets of these vehicles beyond the work.

Let's see if these promises can be fulfilled or unmanned vehicles will remain only for a long time as ansız luxury Bak.

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