From the tram to the fisherman trades a blow ..!

Izmit Halkevi locality of the fish market traders serving for years does not end the problem for years. Trades in trouble with the tram is in trouble with the place this time

The fish market in Izmit was established years ago in the area where Belsa Plaza is now located. There were fish restaurants, greengrocers and fishermen in the old fish market. While the fishermen sold their fish on the one hand, the citizens who wished on the other had the opportunity to enjoy the fresh fresh fish in the restaurants located right next to the fish tradesmen. The space shortage of fish market tradesmen first appeared in those times. After the decision was made to build Belsa Plaza in the area where the fishermen were located, a road appeared for the fish tradesmen.

The mayor of the time, Sefa Sirmen, did not victimize the fishermen, but showed the fishermen the area where the tradesmen are now and earning their bread money. Thus, the fish market was established on 600 decares of land. Tradesmen, who are constantly in a hurry for places, have been in trouble with SSI for a long time. When the area where the fish market is located was transferred to SSI by Izmit Municipality, SGK requested that the market be emptied. Then, the tradesmen, who met with Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, were shown an area of ​​600 decares where fish restaurants were located.

They're waiting for the new place
There is no more work in the area shown to fishermen. Tender will be held, shops will be made. It is uncertain when this will end. Until then, they will continue to sell where they are. Even though many trades have closed their shutters due to Ramadan and closed fish season, the fish market will be revived in a few months, but trades expect a different difficulty this time. The tram, which was promised 8 years ago and opened with a delay after 8 year, is almost adjacent to the shops.

The distance between the shopkeeper's shop and the tram does not seem to exist. Tradesmen think that this will cause trouble after a while. If the customer wants to come, he will not be able to come comfortably, and tradesmen have a very limited range of action. The tradesmen waiting to move to their new place as soon as possible said: “We will move from here after a while. We think that a solution will be found for the problems related to the proximity of the tram. We have such a problem, in the past, vehicles could dock here and our customers could come close to us with their cars to shop, but now we have no such situation. We cannot bring our own vehicles close. For this reason, we are experiencing difficulties when loading products and during periods of waste disposal. We even take away our garbage, ”they said.

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