ESO President Özaydemir: Eskişehir is a city of aviation and rail systems.

Turkey's 500 said Industrial Enterprises that Eskişehir'den 6 company located in the Research Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ESO) President War M. Özaydemir, "to find a place in this list of our Chamber member companies we are and it is pleasing for our city. We would like to congratulate our companies for their hard work and efforts to enter this list.

Özaydemir stated that Eti Gıda, TUSAŞ, TÜLOMSAŞ, Peyman, Sarar and Alp Aviation are included in this research. “This list prepared by ISO is important in terms of revealing the financial capacity of our country's industry. However, another important result is that many companies that are producing in Anatolia are included in this list.

When we look at the Eskişehir part of the List, Özaydemir said, bir When we say that Eskişehir is a city of aviation and rail systems, we found that we are not wrong. Our company 3 was included in this list. They also showed us once again how important they are in branding in our companies such as Eti, Sarar and Peyman. ”

Özaydemir stated that the registered addresses of the companies were taken as basis in the preparation of the said list and said, birçok Many companies that are on the ISO 500 list are actually performing some of their main productions in Eskişehir. For example, Ford Otomotiv, Arçelik, Eti Maden, Paşabahçe, Pınar Süt, Çimsa, Paşabahçe Glass, İzocam, Elvan Food and Conveyor are listed in these companies and manufacturing in Eskişehir. When we consider these companies, we are glad to see that more industrial companies from Eskişehir are in the list of 500. ”

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