Traditional Iftar in EGO

Traditional Iftar in EGO: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate Bus Operation Department staff, iftar dinner came together.

The iftar dinner, which was traditionally held in each month of Ramadan, was attended by the General Director of EGO, Balamir Gündoğdu, and the deputy general managers, heads of departments, regional managers and drivers.

General Manager of EGO Balamir Gündoğdu stated that he was happy to meet with EGO personnel for the iftar which was transformed into a tradition. I also congratulate you for your Ramadan holiday. Şimd Also; Çalışıy We are working to serve Ankara and Ankara citizens in coordination with our employees in the regions “. EGO drivers who serve the citizens of Gundogdu, regional directors and staff in a coordinated manner to serve Ankara and Ankara said that they are working.

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