Railway and Airport Response from Çorum TSO

Çorum Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the statement, the period of the national press reports on the railway investments in the province, including news, superficial or comprehensive prepared in the news, no statement about the investment in railways in Corum was noted.

Finally, a detailed report in the national press on Wednesday reported that the latest information on high-speed rail and rail investments included information, but the fact that Çorum was not mentioned in this news as in previous news and publications caused hesitations and confusion.

Mek The airport issue is constantly being raised by the local press, as well as by the old and new politicians and by the local authorities. But this is a fact; The Çorum province is at the point where the demand is made.

The need for an airport in our city should be evaluated according to the criteria. How are the airport investments of our country planned? Where is our city located in this plan? Looking at the airport investments in the period, Corum airport seems to be a medium term project, but it is seen that investments in industrial and trade potentials and provinces which are far below us in terms of many criteria are going to be invested. This situation is not compatible with equity.

Our deputies have initiated a study to bring the Hittite Statue in Ankara Sıhhiye Square and the historical artifacts of our city in Ankara Anatolian Civilizations Museum to Çorum. Of course, bringing these historical artifacts to our city is under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, and the political will comes to the fore here.

As a result; For these issues, which are on the agenda of our city, local administrations and political representatives should come together and discuss the issues directly with the addressees and the obtained outputs should be shared with the public. The Çorum Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which has supported every step taken for the benefit of Çorum with all its members, will continue to act in the interests of our province from now on. "

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