Mixed financing to Kanal Istanbul

Mixed financing to Channel Istanbul: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan reacted strongly to the allegations that the u Fund Funds man will be used following the fon Fund of Fund ”on the financing of Kanal Istanbul. We want to use a mixed and successful method, Karma he said.

Separate for the channel, is not considered a separate financing for the islands, voicing the evaluation of the Arslan, but only when the route will be made on the rail, road and bridges will be done together, he said. Arslan, the first step will be thrown by the construction of bridges.

There is no need for EIA in international projects, but in the past many international projects in the EIA work voicing Arslan, Channel Istanbul stressed that EIA can be made.

Integrated project

According to Milliyet's news, Arslan said in his speech at the Turkish Grand National Assembly that regarding the financing models of Kanal Istanbul, TBM There are lots of financing methods and models. We want to use a mixed and successful method. Build, run, build, rent, profit, there are a lot of methods. There are many models in Turkey. You give the profit partnership, like giving the contractor, you take it, you're so much like this. All of these have been evaluated in these systems sistem.

Arslan, "Is there separate finnasman for separate islands for the channel?" In the financing model, we will study it all and decide which is the most successful result. Çalış Arslan stating that the first bridges will be made on the canal, he also gave the following answer to the question:

15 billion dollars

, When the canal project is finalized, railroads, roads and bridges will be used together. An integrated project. Only the bridges need to be done first. We're working on a few alternatives, we decide the right thing and we walk from there. What are you going to do if it isn't the alternative you decided? When the route of the channel is finalized, the tender will be announced. There are four, five bridges passing through. Bridges must be made first. There is no financing shortage, we will put everything in detail. What we will agree with what we will not succeed is what we enter. Ilı

Channel Istanbul project cost 15 billion dollars can find. For urbanization around the canal, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, TOKI and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will be planning together. Alternative projects will be developed for the people in the middle and lower income groups to host the canal.

Source : www.milliyet

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