Panic in Çayyolu Metro

Panic in Çayyolu Metro: Çayyolu Metro was in a succession yesterday morning. Kizilay'da, 08.37'da closed the doors of the doors did not move.

According to the report, the crowd at the station increased the metro doors re-opened and 5 time began to delay the minute. When the same subway arrived at the Necatibey station, it failed once again. The 08.47 didn't move the subway, which closed the doors after loading and unloading passengers. Some of the passengers panicked when the lights first turned off and then the temperature in the wagons standing in the ventilation system increased due to the crowd. Citizens calmed by other passengers, stating that they have difficulty in breathing, the door went out using the emergency exit arm


Citizens, who opened the doors with their own means, waited for the subway to descend from the wagons. After the 6 fault lasted, the subway worked, and citizens continued their journeys and continued their journeys. Due to malfunctions due to the 11 minutes of metro expedition, many citizens were late for work. On the other hand in the previous failures of the metro and the station was made in the announcement of information, yesterday's incident drew attention.

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