Kart54 is the only option in transportation

Kart54 is the only option for transportation: Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department President Fatih Pistil, 3 announced that the driver card application will end on Monday July. Gerekiyor Our citizens need to have an 3 by Kart54 by Monday July, Pist says Pistil.

As a result of the arrangement made by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, as of 1 May 2017, cash boardings were removed in municipal and private public buses. In the process, a toll was set in the first place so that the citizens who could not be informed and could not get a card were not victimized, and in this process, the driver card application was applied for the passengers who paid in cash. In his statement, Fatih Pistil announced that the 3 driver's card application will end as of July.

Cash exchange problematic
3 said, as of Monday, the citizens of Kart54 will not be able to reach the municipal and private public buses. Lar To ensure that our citizens do not become victims, 3 must have Kart54 until July Monday. The Electronic Toll Collection System has been used rapidly in many cities in recent years and it has become an integral part of modern public transport in a short period of time by removing the use of cash. Cash exchange during the journey is a problematic form of payment in terms of both security and time loss. Yolculuk

Smart city infrastructure
Stressing that the Electronic Fare Collection System is the data provider for public transport planning, Pistil said, sağlayıcı This is the basis for more accurate transportation planning. In addition, the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications legislation obligates the card system within the scope of Intelligent Transportation Systems. In the ongoing process, the infrastructure of a public transport integrated with the single transportation card throughout the country is being prepared by the ministry. We, as Sakarya, continue our work meticulously. We aim to improve the system and smart city infrastructure by providing integration in public spaces such as other public transportation and parking lots throughout the city and we aim to contribute to the city life of our citizens. Şehir

Number of dealers will increase
Pistil said, “The demand for dealership has increased with the abolition of cash boardings. Our Kart54 dealer network is expanding rapidly. We currently have a total of 220 service points. We have created dealers in all terminals and garages. In case the intensive usage points that are thought to be needed by the dealer are communicated to us, we do the necessary work immediately. Our citizens can get more detailed information about our dealers. http://www.kart54.net They can reach at. I remind you again that our citizens should have Kart54 in a short time in order not to experience victimization. I would like to thank our tradesmen and citizens who are sensitive in this process. ”

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