Minister Arslan attends the Green Port Certificate Ceremony

Minister Arslan attended the Green Port Certificate Ceremony: Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said that the legal process to increase the waiting period from 2 to 7 to meet the mandatory requirements of the ships passing through the Turkish Straits is about to be completed. center will be opened to be converted.

Minister Arslan, in his speech at the Green Harbor certificate ceremony held at Bilkent Hotel, stated that various activities were organized due to the Maritime Week and that a boat and pier for each of the two cities in Çıldır Lake, which is the common lake of Ardahan and Kars, will be delivered to the local authorities. .

Turkey's maritime fleet capacity last 10 years, according to global maritime Arslan striking grow more 75 percent, despite the global crisis in 2008 that the Ministry in implementation of infrastructure investments with many projects, told us that made the legal arrangements.

Arslan, which paves the way for the maritime industry, giving information about their work to increase competitiveness, recently passed the Turkish flag of foreign-flagged boats and ships to pass the Turkish flag to remove many obstacles, and currently the 3 700 boat passed the Turkish flag, the targets 6 bin reported.

Special Consumption Tax reduced fuel application of the sector with the support given 5 billion 876 million pounds stated that the Lions, thus, added that the country has created a huge added value.

Arslan said that the Turkish and national Turkish P & I, established in 2014, could provide guarantees up to 1 billion dollars and provide insurance to the ship on approximately one thousand 800.

Arslan pointed out that the 2,5 billion-dollar turnover was reached annually in the shipbuilding industry, including exports, maintenance, domestic production, supplier industry, and recycling industry.

UM 35 boat production site, 79 thousand tons / year steel processing capacity, 585 million DWT building capacity, 700 million DWT pooling capacity, 4,5 million DWT pooling capacity, 2 million DWT annual maintenance-repair capacity X in the case. Direct employment in the sector 21 bin, with industry, 30 thousand people are employed. This directly or indirectly 90 means that we provide subsistence to a thousand people. Bu

Arslan, shipyard, boat manufacturing, renting places, rented the right of easement of the duration of the 49 year, reminded that.

  • ”If everyone says 'I am an expert', let me bring the proposal“

Arslan said that they were about to complete the legal process regarding the amendment of the regulation regarding the changing of the waiting periods from 2 to 7 to meet the mandatory requirements of the vessels passing without stopping from the Turkish Straits.

another ship to meet the needs of the application in question, the short-term maintenance is done by providing in Turkey, describing Arslan added value will be created, he said:

. If we keep this period short, it is not settled in our country except for very obligatory needs, we are going to other places. Therefore, according to the eye we will miss a job that will generate resources and income. We are about to complete this application in order not to miss this resource. Those who do not know this detail or who act with heathing information, unfortunately, criticize us by seeing only one side of the event, thinking a little too shallow. Criticism is everyone's right, but they should learn all the dimensions, pros and cons of the event. However, if we are dealing with a minus side over, we will criticize if we are dealing with the side. Or if everyone says 'I am an expert', he should make a suggestion with his critique. If we get rid of only the disease of criticism, but also bring a suggestion, we are open to the 'eye on the head' with the term of Anatolia, we are open to all kinds of suggestions, as long as it is in the interest of our country. Sadece

Aki We see ports as doors to distant neighbors “

The borders of the sea, removing the borders of the sea, said Arslan, so that they see the ports as a door to far away neighbors said.

Arslan, Turkey is among the most important objectives of the 2023 essential in achieving located 500 billion dollars of exports was noted that the development of sea trade port.

After his speech, Minister Arslan gave Green Harbor certificates to Aksaport, Asyaport, Bodrum Cruise Port, Borusan Port, Ege Ports, Evyap Port, Ford Otosan Port, Kumport, Marport, Petkim and Solventas.

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