Minister Arslan visited the Çamlıca TV-Radio Tower construction

Minister Arslan visited the Çamlıca TV-Radio Tower construction: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan said: cilik On the one hand, we are carrying out tests and we are doing new jobs as we have graded. Our foresight is to complete and offer service in this year. If there is no extraordinary disruption, we will give this service before the end of this year. Our 80 radio will be able to publish much better quality than this. X

Arslan, the ongoing construction of the ongoing Çamlıca TV-Radio Tower found. Arslan, who received information from the authorities about the last stage of construction, made a statement to journalists after the examination.

Arslan, who gave information about the technical features of the tower, stated that the tower with a height of 221 meters reached the top of the tower and gave the following information:

Acak The walls of the tower will be 120 centimeters, at the top, the 60 will go down to the centimeter and will be the 165-meter steel construction carrying the antenna. The total height will be 369 meters from the ground. As of today, we have completely finished the 221-meter concrete assembly, and we will manufacture the 165-meter steel antenna part on the 12 part. Each piece is pulled up and the other part is added to it.

Once the source of the whole 12 part is finished inside, we will pull it up again, we will assemble it completely on the concrete tower. Finally, we will assemble a steel assembly with the 23,5-meter of the final antennae on it, so we will have a height of 369 meters. We are going to make a dressing with tulip motif which is the symbol of Istanbul. We will also complete the tower with 15 floor height of 3 pieces, with the 13,5 meter height of about 15 feet up from the outside. Da

”We started the process for the 80 radio to broadcast“

Arslan stated that the building was very special and that the materials used were selected specially. Although it was planned to be completed before the end of June, it was said that it took a lot of time to determine the materials used, to carry out the tests and to determine the conformity.

Arslan stated that the other stages of the studies took certain times and gave the following information:

Ik In addition, although we had previously planned to carry a smaller number of radios here, in the framework of our work with the RTÜK, in order to broadcast the 80 FM radio, transmitters had to be put in place and we started the related processes. We made our orders from abroad, their production, arrival and placement process was completed.

The donors and combiners came. As the steel construction is finished, we will assemble them inside. Then, when the 10 daily test processes are finished, we will have established the transmitters where 80 can broadcast to the radio. We do this together with RTÜK. Again, when RTÜK has completed the processes related to passing to digital broadcasting, we are preparing the infrastructure for this place to be suitable for digital broadcasting. In the future, when RTÜK finishes its digital broadcasting operations, the infrastructure here will be suitable for digital broadcasting, and it can be broadcast from there in much higher quality and efficiency. Gelecek

“We will make a second tower in Istanbul“

Arslan said they aimed to remove the towers forming the image pollution, disrupting the silhouette of Istanbul, and that only the TRT tower will remain in the region in the first phase.

Minister Arslan recalled that the TRT tower consisted of 49 floors and said that the terrace would be a restaurant on 33 and 34 floors and 39 and 40 on the first floor. Arslan, underlined that these two venues will be able to see 360 all over Istanbul, and that visitors can watch Istanbul from above.

Arslan stated that there will be two separate elevators that will see one of the Black Sea and one of the historical peninsula on both sides of the tower. He said that 4,5 million visitors are planned to be hosted here in the year.

Regarding the planned expiry date, Arslan said, em On the one hand, the tests are going on, we are doing new jobs as we step on the other hand. Our foresight is to complete and offer service in this year. If there is no extraordinary disruption, we will give this service before the end of this year. Our 80 radio will be able to publish much better quality than this. X

The cost of donors and combiner for the cost of the ministry as a company established by PTT said that they support the Arslan, by spreading the appropriate conditions and time to make the broadcasts by making the payment of radio broadcasters said.

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