Arm Tunnel Technologies makes capacity investments

Arm Tunnel Technologies is investing in capacity: Arm Tunnel Technologies, which operates in the field of tunnel construction and technologies, continues to invest in strengthening its position in the sector. The company will increase its production capacity by 35 by establishing a new plant with an investment of 53 million TL.

Arcan Machinery, which carries out its activities such as the manufacture of machinery and equipment for tunnel construction and project consultancy, under the name of Arm Tunnel Technologies, has a history of 20 in tunnel construction and technologies. The company continues to invest in expanding its markets and strengthening its position in the sector globally. to build a new production plant in Turkey, explaining that they made the necessary initiatives this year Armin Tunneling Technology Board Member Oğulcan Selcuk, was reported to be a new production facility for tunnel technology.

Approx. 35 million TL will be established with the investment facility, the first quarter of 2018 planned to transfer Selcuk, said the plant will increase the overall production capacity of the 53 rate, he noted. Emphasizing that they will produce some tunnel technology and equipment imported with the new plant investment, Selçuk said, teknoloji We also want to create more employment. Immediately after the commissioning of the new plant not previously produced in Turkey will begin to attempt to build a dedicated production facility we can do the production of larger diameter TBM tunneling machine that, "he said.

Selcuk said that they were among the leading companies in the sector with the projects they took part in and outside the country. Yer In 2016, we took part in the 10 project both in Turkey and abroad. As of today, we operate in 11 countries. We aim to increase the number of countries that we do business with target markets such as Syria, Kuwait, Oman, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Sundan and Jordan to 2025 by 20 Suriye.
We manufacture machines with 99 locality ratio

In addition to manufacturing, the company also mentions that they serve as project consultancy and contracting company. Selçuk also pointed out that the TBM tunneling machine, the tunneling machine, MSV tunnel service vehicle, locomotive and back-up systems of the tunnel sector are composed of domestic inputs in the percentage of 99.

2004 reminded that the pipe jacking machine produced more than 95 with domestic inputs. N In 2016, we produced more than 97 of the EPB-TBM tunneling machine we manufactured from domestic equipment. In addition, 2016 in the R & D work we have completed the tunnel service vehicle (MSV) in order to produce completely domestic began our work, "he said.

In the developing tunnel sector, Selçuk said that R & D activities for innovative and developed technologies are continuing in order to be able to do more work with less cost and time and said that they are aiming to present the products which are on prototype basis until 2020. Turkey only 2017-2018 74 years in project-based units tunnel boring machine (TBM) that the information will be imported Selcuk, the total cost of these machines was pointed out that 740 million euros. Selçuk said that they want to contribute to reducing the dependence on foreign countries with the new technologies developed by the TBM machines they produce with the ratio close to 98.

Istanbul metro projects gained weight in the sector

Emphasizing that the metro projects in Istanbul have gained weight in the sector recently, Selçuk said, “The rail system, which was 2004 kilometers in 45.1 in Istanbul, has recently increased to 104.58 kiometers with the addition of 149.95 kilometers of rail systems. With the underground projects Kadıköy, Kartal and Pendik are connected. He also said that the Marmaray project was completed. Stating that the construction of the 159.6 km rail system line in Istanbul is continuing, Selçuk said: “The foundation of the rail system lines that are targeted to be put into service until 2019 will be laid this year.”

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