Apaydın: "Our YHT Networks Are Expanding"

YHT Networks Expanding: TCDD General Manager İsa ApaydınAn article titled “Our YHT Networks Expands” was published in the June issue of Raillife magazine.

160 We are witnessing the historical developments in the railroads that started with İzmir-Aydın line years ago.

As a result of the priority transportation policies that have been introduced since 2003, the rapid run of YHTs in Ankara and Eskişehir in 2009 is continuing in the railways that left behind half a century of plum luck.

Turkey after Ankara-Eskisehir line raises the YHT operates the country's league in the world 2011 Ankara-Konya was taken xnumx't Eskişehir and Konya and xnumx't Ankara-Istanbul with YHT line between Konya-Istanbul service.

In addition to the 32 province on this route, where we have traveled by 7 million passengers, we provide YHT services to the 40 of the population with connected train and bus services. In addition to the transportation service, our passengers who travel with the YHTs, which bring economic, social and cultural changes in favor of the cities they visit, save time by the average% 62.

Our fast, comfortable and high-security travel to our people who live the privilege of our YHT lines will not be. We are building high speed rail between Ankara-Izmir and Ankara-Sivas. Together with the high-speed rail we make high-speed train lines from Bursa to Bilecik, from Konya to Karaman-Eregli-Ulukisla and Yenice, from Mersin to Adana and from Adana to Osmaniye-Kahramanmaras-Gaziantep. We are working to add more 19 sets to the existing 106 set in the YHT fleet to serve the lines that will be opened and opened in the future.

We also expect private companies
We also restructured the TCDD as an infrastructure operator within the scope of the liberalization process of the Railway Sector. As a subsidiary of TCDD, we established and started TCDD Transportation Inc. to carry out passenger and cargo transportation. In addition to our public company TCDD Transportation Inc., we opened our doors to private companies; We expect train operations.

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