Apaydin Visits Italian Railways

tcdd has unblocked twitter account
tcdd has unblocked twitter account

Apaydın Visited Italian Railways: TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın The Delegation of the Turkish State Railways (TCDD) headed to Italian Railways (FS) and its affiliates.

“Memorandum of Understanding for the Development of Cooperation in the Railway Field between TCDD and FS”; FS CEO, General Manager and President of UIC Renato Mazzoncini, TCDD General Manager and UIC Vice President İsa Apaydın has been signed by.

With this Memorandum;

- Carrying out consultancy, assistance and consultancy services,

- Planning, designing, construction and maintenance of railway infrastructure including high speed lines,

- Exchange of experience and knowledge in the field of railway innovations,

- Management of railway infrastructure, safety management systems in railway operations,

- Conducting technical and scientific research,

- It is envisaged to cooperate on issues such as training in various railway areas.

During the bilateral meeting of Apaydın during his visit to Italy, the development of the international railway sector was also discussed. The UIC General Assembly to be held in Istanbul in July and the issues related to the UIC World High Speed ​​Congress to be held in Ankara on 08-11 May 2018.

A series of meetings were held with Italferr and Italcertifer, the subsidiaries of the Italian Railways operator FS, as part of the visit to the technical facilities of the relevant institutions.

Apaydın and the accompanying delegation received detailed technical information from the Frecciarossa 400 high-speed train, which has an 360 km design and 1000 km operating speed, and the pull-out and towing vehicle laboratory connected to Roma Termini Station, YHT Control Center and Italcertifer, which offers fully intermodal transportation.



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