Apaydın Examined the Banaz-Eşme High Speed ​​Line

Apaydın, Banaz-Eşme High Speed ​​Train Line: TCDD General Manager İsa ApaydınOn Tuesday, 13.06.2017 reviewed the high-speed train line between Banaz and Esme, which is currently under construction. Deputy General Manager İsmail Hakkı Murtazaoğlu, Head of Department, Head of Department and TCDD 3. Regional Director, Selim Koçbay with the passing of the wife, Apaydın, where the site was examined.

Later, Apaydın, who was briefed on the construction site of the work of making 2 and 3 lines between Menemen and Manisa, received information about other works and the progress of the works within the scope of the project. Later, Apaydın attended the iftar dinner organized by TCDD 3rd Regional Directorate at Urla Education and Recreation Facilities.



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