Ankara-Izmir YHT Line will be opened in 2019

Ankara-Izmir YHT Line will be opened in 2019: Work continues on the Izmir-Ankara High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Project, which will reduce the train journey between Ankara and Izmir from 14 hours to 3.5 hours and the foundation was laid in 2012.

Providing information about the last point reached in the Izmir-Ankara High Speed ​​Train Project, AK Party Izmir Deputy Mahmut Atilla Kaya said, “The existing Izmir-Ankara railway is 824 kilometers and the travel time is approximately 14 hours. With this project, the distance between the two cities will be 624 kilometers and travel time will be reduced to 3 hours and 30 minutes. The Izmir-Ankara High Speed ​​Train Line will not only increase comfort and safety in transportation, but also make significant contributions to the economy by seriously transforming travel habits. With the project, our Izmir will be made much more developed with high-speed trains, highways and divided roads. This historic project is aimed to be completed by the end of 2019. " said.

Stating that there is no place left for the high-speed train line from Izmir to Manisa, Afyonkarahisar and Ankara, the tender processes have not been started, Mahmut Atilla Kaya said, “The works in the project consisting of 6 sections continue rapidly. In the 167-kilometer Ankara (Polatlı) - Afyonkarahisar section, infrastructure construction continues with 40 percent physical progress. The site has been delivered to the contractor firm for the 89-kilometer Afyonkarahisar - Uşak (Banaz) section and the direct passage of Afyonkarahisar infrastructure construction work, and the works are continuing rapidly. The site has been delivered to the contractor firm for the infrastructure construction of the 90,6-kilometer Banaz-Eşme section and the work has started. Financial offers will be received on 74 for the infrastructure construction of the 11.07.2017-kilometer Eşme-Salihli section. A contract was signed with the contractor company on 68 for the infrastructure construction of the 11.04.2017-kilometer Salihli-Manisa section. Site delivery was made on 26.04.2017. In the 34-kilometer Manisa-Menemen section, the site has been delivered for the infrastructure and superstructure works in order to make the line 2 and 3 lines and the works are ongoing. gave the information.

Stating that with the project connecting Manisa, Uşak and Afyonkarahisar on its route to Ankara, an important railway corridor will be formed on the west-east axis, AK Party member Kaya added that the total investment cost of the project is expected to reach 4.9 billion liras.




  1. When the power line between manisa menemen and Balıkesir dursunbey, which is about to be completed by 2019, is completed, two of the current CAF yht's are technically adapted to this road, and even in the near future, direct Izmir-Ankara journey can be carried out in the comfort of YHT, close to the average bus time. With the experience gained here, this application will guide us in the implementation of the same system in the direction of Sivas, Kars, Van and Batman when the YHT between Ankara and Sivas is opened.