The evil eye touched Akçaray ... The tram stayed on the way

The evil eye was worth it to Akçaray… The tram remained on the road: Akçaray, which was launched by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and opened for service yesterday, remained on the road due to electrical failure from the lines.

Citizens were also trapped inside the tram, the doors of which were not opened due to technical malfunction. The tram, which was launched by the Kocali Municipality and opened to service with a ceremony yesterday, attracted great attention from the citizens and continued its services throughout the day. The tram, which was in the direction of Sekapark from Yahya Kaptan on the 2nd day the tram was put into service, broke down in front of the Governorship of Kocaeli. Passengers in it were trapped for about 15 minutes due to the doors not opening. It was suggested that the fault occurred on the tram's power lines while the citizens were brought down by opening the doors with the intervention of the technical team. The authorities started to work on fixing the malfunction.

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