Akçaray re-floated hopes over the tram line

The Akçaray tramway was over again. The hopes of Şahabettin Bilgisu Street tradesmen, who had been the victim of the work done during the construction of the tramway, were greened again after the end of the work.

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality by the city to provide great relaxation in the hope of providing great relief for the Akçaray tram line during the construction of Izmit Şahabettin Bilgisu Street craftsmen with the start of the tram tram service began to hope for the mobilization of the work again.

Tuğba Trade owner Bilal Şen stated that he expects to increase the mobility in the street with the completion of the landscaping activities. In We had difficulties during construction while buying and selling materials. Customers were not coming when the road was broken. This street was not very active before the tram, now the pedestrian crowd has increased and we expect this movement to increase after the holidays. " said.

Melih Uysal, who opened the new Ragbet Café Resteurant on the street after the start of the tram services, said Kafe 8 We could not enter our own shop before the month. Naturally, customers could not enter the shop that we could not enter. I think this service is nice as the tram is over. However, we expect to fully finish the landscaping. The lighting works have to be completed for a moment, when the street is dark at night. I expect that the mobility of the Walkway will be shifted here when the work is complete. Çalış

Source: Arif BULUT - http://www.demokratkocaeli.com

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