Ask those who tell the Akçaray tram line!

In the last few days, the city's agenda is the tram.

There is no equipment at many stopping points in the tram line that the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has completed.

The tram is missing the landscaping of the tram.

The tram opened in recent days does not fall out of the language of AKP, Metropolitan employees and power traps.

Just about anywhere from the tram, they are talking about how good the tram is.

There is no mention of President Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu's words, his failure to keep his promise for 8 for years, and the fact that the tram was on the road for the second day.

Mr. 2009 promises to be completed by 5 in the year.

Sekaray, monorail, cable car, suburban flights…

In order to win the election, Karaosmanoglu swung from plenty of bags at that time and had written every kind of transportation in his mind to the election booklet.

It's good if it's just printing.

The name of the booklet was söz 5 years later today eler and promised to voters that all the projects in 5 would be made to the Gordians in the year.

Of course none of these projects were made.

Now, on the road, if you come across someone who introduces himself as mayor, deputy mayor, apartment manager, he will tell you about the Akçaray tram line which is not one of those that are not made but 134 is a semi-slippery one despite the daily delay.

Don't let him talk too much and ask him what the promises so far have been.

I made a little list so you wouldn't have to.

Read it well, make a note of it and ask for the account of those projects that are not done by anyone praising the tram İyi
The 2009 annual promises in the 2014 elections and the 5 elections are as follows:

1-Light rail system (METRO): A subway network will be established between Cengiz Topel Airport and Körfez district in Kartepe. This metro line, which is also included in the Transportation Master Plan prepared before the 2009 year, will be carried out by the Ministry of Transport as examples in Izmir, Istanbul and Ankara.

2-suburban line: Sakarya-Kocaeli-Istanbul suburban train line will be re-commissioned after necessary arrangements. All stations will be renewed and public transport traffic will be changed to facilitate access to these stations.

3-Marmaray: It will be extended by the Ministry of Transport to Marmaray Gebze which connects the European and Anatolian sides in Istanbul. Marmaray will be connected to Gebze, Darıca, Dilovası and Çayırova and the organized industrial zones in the region.

4-Sabiha Gokcen-Gebze light rail system (METRO-2): A metro line between Sabiha Gokcen and Gebze will be established by the Ministry of Transportation to relieve urban traffic in the Gebze region. This line is also included in the Transport Master Plan of the municipality.

5-Public transport integration and renovation: Marmaray, suburban lines, high-speed trains, light rail (subway) and tram will be integrated with the public transportation network organized by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. The transformation program initiated with the minibus cooperatives will continue.

6- Transformation in sea transportation: Rail transportation will be increased simultaneously with rail system investments. The existing sea transport services will be rehabilitated both as a vehicle and as a program. .

7-Old Istanbul road: Improving the way to Old Istanbul, strengthening with double roads and connections to district centers will be held. The said works will be carried out on the whole of the old Istanbul road, which runs from İzmit to Gebze.

8-Transfer centers: Transfer centers will be established to serve as collection and distribution to the city's 5 point. Urban traffic load due to public transport will be reduced. New rail systems will be integrated into city traffic.

9-Pedestrian and bicycle paths: New city squares will be designed for bicycle and pedestrian access. The hiking and cycling routes in the coastal bands will be increased. Uninterrupted pedestrian and bicycle path will be opened from the east to the west of Kocaeli.

10-Parking Lots: In the Master Plan of Transportation, urban parking projects will be completed in line with public transportation, settlement and urbanization data. Public and private sector investments will provide open and closed car parks.

11-Moved to Industrial OIZs: For real and sustainable growth, the production facilities in the city centers will be transferred to the regular industrial areas and Organized Industrial Zones. With the Sekapark model in the city centers and coasts, large areas where the city and our citizens breathe will be opened.

12-Kocaeli Fair transformation: The fairground will be one of the most important attractions of Kocaeli. Transformation will be realized at the fair area located in the city center of Izmir.

13-Congress Tourism: The congress centers will be constructed in the districts that are in need, especially İzmit, Gebze, Derince and Kartepe. Kocaeli will be a center of attraction for congress tourism.

14-Trade areas will be created: Following the transfer of the industry out of the city, the areas vacated in the city centers will be transformed into qualified commercial and social areas taking into account the population and needs. (MIA) Urban Development Zones and qualified commercial areas of the city north-south, east-west axis will be balanced development.

15-New homes continue to be built: Social housing will be focused on producing, non-homeowners will be made home to the convenience of paying rent. The total housing target is 2014 for 2019-5.000 years.

16-Disabled and elderly social life center: Social life center will be established for disabled and elderly citizens. The elderly care center, whose foundation is laid by KOU, Ministry of Health and private sector contribution, will be put into service.

17-Environment: As of 2013, the rate of purified water left to İzmit bay has been increased to% 98, this rate will be increased to% 100.

18-New zoo: A new Zoo and Wildlife Park will be built on a plot of land of 1000 in Kartepe Uzunçiftlik in the east of the city.

19- aquarium and aqua park: One of Kocaeli of Turkey's most spectacular aquarium will be built. This aquarium will include fish species living in the Marmara and Black Sea, as well as ocean creatures. An aquapark will be built in the same area where all water sports activities will be carried out.

20-Additional infrastructure: According to the program, 1760 mile drinking water, 1250 mileage sewage, 25 mileage rainwater infrastructure investment will be realized.
21-Tree and plant museum
22 - Karamursel Town Square
23 - Izmit Town Square
24 - Kandıra Town Square
25 - Gebze Arena Sports Hall
26 - Swimming Training Facilities
27 - Alternative Energy Projects
28 - Avcı Dere Dam

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