Akçaray Line Opening Still Postponed

The opening of the Akçaray Line was again postponed: The date of the launch of the 16 June Friday was announced by General Secretary of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Tahir Büyükakın. Akçaray, 17 will start its flights on Saturday June.

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Tahir Büyükakın announced the opening date of the tram on Friday, June 16. In this context, the announcement of the municipality from the hours of the morning today, the citizens of the city on the tram way to leave the vehicle and the tram was about to open tomorrow.

The announcement of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality announces the “Friday” day and an official statement came from the municipality. The official explanation is as follows; Ği The Akçaray Tramway Project, which has been implemented by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, has come to an end. The first expedition of Akçaray will be held at 17 at Bus Station Tram Station on June Saturday with the participation of National Defense Minister Fikri Işık. Kocaeli will be serving a bidirectional 10.30 kilometer from İzmit Intercity Bus Terminal to SekaPark. Kocaeli MPs and all political party provincial chairmen were invited to Akçaray for the first time ar.

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