Technical Support from Dika for Integrated Rail System Integrated Plant Investment in Mardin

Technical Support from DİKA for Rail Systems Integrated Plant Investment in Mardin: The Technical Assistance Protocol for Investment and Cooperation was signed between the Perform Building Company and the Dicle Development Agency (DİKA) in order to establish a 'Rail Systems Integrated Facility'.

Dicle Development Agency (DIKA) added a new one to its activities in order to attract huge investments with great return potential to the region. In recent years, our fast and efficient steps to attract big investors to the region continues to bear fruit. In this direction, the Investment and Cooperation Protocol was signed by the Chairman of the Perform Yapı Board of Directors Levent Kuloğlu and the Secretary General of the Agency Yılmaz Altındağ who demanded the technical assistance of the Dicle Development Agency in order to establish the Yılmaz Rail Systems Integrated Facility aland in Mardin.

Within the scope of the investment, tramway, metro, high-speed train and super-high-speed rail systems are planned to establish a facility in which the manufacturing and testing of walking systems can be carried out. Mr. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan; Mardin during a visit to our people in Mardin reported a huge investment was planned. It is foreseen that this big investment move will create a great employment in Mardin and will provide a high economic income for the region.

General Secretary of Dicle Development Agency (DIKA) Yilmaz Altindag Bölge Our most important priority for our Agency was the arrival of new investments that would provide added value to our region. For this purpose, the Agency is making intensive efforts and aiming to add power to our region with new investment moves. We know that the President of Turkey attaches importance to the mentioned investment. We will accelerate our efforts to do what is necessary and we will provide the necessary support to our company as an Agency. Previously, we reached more than a thousand businessmen and investors within the scope of the Growth Centers Program and attracted attention with the number of applications we received. Therefore, we are happy to see that the major investment projects are focused on our region. Besides, we are aware that those who have doubts about investment in the region will break their prejudices with such large investments. In this regard, we acted as the Agency to support the company, and we will continue our efforts in order to give confidence to large investments. Destek He underlined once again the support provided by the Dicle Development Agency to investors.

The project is constructed in an integrated manner with the development and dissemination of the rail systems of our country, including the high speed train center, and the wagon and rail systems that our country and the world market will need; Dry cargo, petroleum, mine, LPG, LBG, tanker etc. rail carrier systems are aimed to be produced. With the investment process, it is planned to obtain licenses and patents of all products to be produced in line with the business idea.

The Performing Construction Company is marketing the products of a plant in Ukraine (Azovmash) and is considered as a company that dominates the sector and the market. After the realization of this giant project, which is planned to provide a high employment and economic income to the region, it will contribute to the country's decreasing import rate in the sector.

According to the protocol; Technical support will be provided by the Agency in the preparation and implementation stages of the Entegre Rail Systems Integrated Facility değerlendiril private sector investment, which is planned to be established in Mardin and will provide employment and added value to the economy of the region. Our Agency will coordinate the process by directing the company, compiling the necessary works related to Mardin, facilitating the permit and license processes of the company during the investment process and pursuing the company's initiatives.

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