Like the new airport space base

Like the new airport space base: 3. technologies to be used at the airport. In the project such as space base, passengers will be greeted by SMS. Face-to-face, sound and fingerprint recognition

Turkey 3 of the largest projects. while the work at the airport continues at full speed, the technological features also come to light. The airport, which is planned to open its first phase at the end of 2018, will be a technology base. Passengers are welcomed with SMS, self check-in, self-bag drop, recognition, and digital kiosk and display screens are some of the new technologies to be seen at the airport.

Latest technology

A team of 57 people work for technologies to maximize passenger experience. Approximately 200 million euro investment is planned for IT infrastructure. İGA CEO Hüseyin Keskin said that the internet of objects, wearable technology, LTE, wireless internet, beacon and bluetooth technologies will all be used to enhance the passenger experience at the new airport. Keskin said that the data to be obtained from these technologies will be blended and poured into a map, and this can be used by retail and eating places.

Keskin said that they are working on a very smart airport and said: faz In the first phase we will host 90 million passengers a year. 100 bin also has employees. It is not possible to overcome the human mobility, operation and management of the operation without technology. There is no big airport in the world. It will be the newest and most technological airport. Large screens, digital boards will be featured everywhere. Passengers, space and technology will enter into the base of the feeling, "he said.

Very strict safety

Hüseyin Keskin, pointing out that they will give place to people touching technologies starting from security, ula The terminal entrance at the airport and the face recognition systems to be established at the critical region transitions will match the criminal database and will identify the suspects without going to the air side at the terminal entrance. Video analysis-assisted cameras will remove unattended baggage and suspicious movements automatically. Biy Fingerprint and palm-vessel biometrics will be established for identification, and security will be increased to the next level for the personnel working at the entrances of the airport and at the critical zone crossings that will have a high number of employees. Yüksek

SMS will also

IGA'nın mobile application that transfers the Sharp, currently working in order to improve the application is used internally, he said. Keskin said, Kes When the airport is operational, it will be made available to everyone. This app will download and recognize the user on the phone. When you leave home for travel, you will be asked to SMS her, such as 'there is a lot of traffic by the metro or using the rail system'. Or '10 hours of your journey there, Istanbul weather rainy, bridge maintenance' will send alerts such as a short message. 18 will be able to offer a car park with a capacity of up to 1000 vehicles when it comes to your vehicle N.

Sharp, wireless internet in a similar application to the same one at Atatürk Airport, stating that the Internet at a certain speed, certain minutes, said the internet will be free.

The queues will be finished…

Keskin stated that they would use mobile sign, face and voice recognition technologies, said:

“We will eliminate the crowds that will overwhelm the passengers. In order to reduce queues at check-in points, we will put self-check in, self-bag drop technologies for luggage. With Self bag drop you will be able to weigh and handle your luggage without anyone on your own. Thousands of employees will benefit from wearable technology. It will communicate with each other through smart watches or smart bands. In an area of ​​1.4 million m2, technicians can be reached immediately with these technologies, the closest being will solve the problem immediately. The employees will be fully technological Çalışan.

Source: Hanife Baş - www.milliyet




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