IZBAN line level danger level crossing closed

The dangerous level crossing on the İZBAN line was closed: Upon the activation of the İZBAN line up to Tepeköy, the risk at the level crossing was frequently mentioned. Projected at level crossing kazanThe passage was closed to traffic after the event. Another transportation problem emerged with the closure of the level crossing to traffic.

Due to the danger of level crossings in İZBAN line, the problem was mentioned many times. The interim accident occurred on the 1 year, and the 15 injured the person. The inevitable accident occurred on the authorities, to take precautions, the level crossing closed the traffic with concrete barriers. The closure of the passage to traffic revealed different problems of transportation of Torbali.


It was difficult for large freight vehicles to cross the railway after the level crossing was closed to traffic. Vehicles such as trucks and lorries that had to extend their routes had to enter the city traffic. In the face of this situation, truck drivers said, of We were worried about passing this road. As a matter of fact, an accident occurred. But now our way is getting longer and we are dealing with another problem. They didn't do the overpass or the underpass here,. He said.


Instead of making a safer crossing project before the capitalization of TepBoy until the capitalization of TepBoy, a solution that prevented the transition after the accident changed the flow of urban traffic. The transportation of roads on the roads with infrastructure works has become a great miracle as the large vehicles are interfered with urban traffic. The inhabitants of the district stated that there is a complete chaos in the city traffic. In addition, this problem is added to the large cargo vehicles on the traffic jam. Authorities should bring a solution to this situation, Yet he said.

Source: BURAK AKTAŞ - torbaliege.net

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