Trains to tramli İzmitli bus drivers came!

Trains to tramli İzmitli bus drivers came! : Kocaeli Chamber of Minibuses and Buses President Mustafa Kurt, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoğlu said about the cost of the tram.
Kurt stated that wages are determined without consulting them at all, said they did not find this behavior correct.
Mustafa Kurt, who stated that the cost of the tram, which is determined as 1.50 lira, will affect the minibus tradesmen, said:
“They were supposed to talk to us. Normally short distances already we are having problems. We were saying that we should do the short and long distance charges with smart stops.
They did it for themselves. They rushed off the tram to do this job.
Only those living in Kocaeli and Izmit will benefit from this application. But in other districts, everyone will travel with 2.30.
It could have been better if it was done with a joint plan.
Tomorrow we'il see the municipal authorities.
Let this application come to life so that we can sit short distance. Now think about the 30-40 that goes miles away and 3 pays the same money after the stall.
I don't understand why this is done. Short distance charges are a must for us. If this is not done, along with the tram, we will see great damage in Izmit.
The issue has never been raised in previous UKOME meetings. We still expect a step to be taken. We will hold the UKOME meeting like the first week of July. Here, we will raise both our problems and our demand for wages. Burada

Source: Uğur ENÇ - I



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