Eskişehir Rail Systems Set National High Speed ​​Train

Eskişehir Rail Systems Cluster National High Speed ​​Train: Eskişehir Rail Systems Cluster (RSK), priorities; national high-speed train production, domestic design, technology transfer center as determined. At the meeting held in TÜLOMSAŞ, sector representatives demanded support for sector firms with Eximbank loans.

The Eskişehir Rail Systems Cluster focused on the realization of domestic and national high-speed train (YHT) production until 2020. Turkey's Railway System in order to reach the target 2023 2020 Vision Strategy a roadmap on the agenda in the field under the name of the RSK, priorities; domestic and national high-speed train production, domestic design, technology transfer center realization of the target, local contribution rate of high-platform production.

Eskişehir industry, both in Turkey in the coming period as well as significant investment plans to have made rail information systems field in the world, to share their technology and manufacturing capabilities wish to take part. To this end, Turkey Locomotive Industry AŞ (TÜLOMSAŞ) meeting held in Rail Systems sector was admitted to the table.

Kenan Işık, Chairman of Eskişehir RSK, made a presentation about global developments, investments and problems in the sector. Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ESO) President Savaş M. Özaydemir, TÜLOMSAŞ General Manager Hayri Avcı, Anadolu University Rector. Prof. Dr. Naci Gündoğan, Rector of ESOGÜ Dr. Hasan Gönen, General Director of Railway Regulation İbrahim Yiğit and General Director of Infrastructure Investments Erol Çıtak attended.

The Eskişehir industry is highly competitive in the production of high value-added products with high technology and emphasized that the sector's common problems are qualified labor and resource needs. Speaking about the need for rail systems to be considered as a national project, the speakers underlined the importance of supporting Eximbank loans in order to support ordering and ordering companies operating in the sector.
RSK Chairman Kenan Işık:
Not a domestic car, but a national locomotive.

Rail systems sector 2005- 2023 years between 50 billion 440 million dollars over investment plans in Turkey 2023 targeted melt to reach for the first sector 2020 vision of President Kenan have saved the RSK Board determines Light, Adapazari in the sector rail systems, an area in Eskişehir and Ankara Noting that production basin will occur, this production center; stressed that the vehicle, locomotive, train sets and light rail systems will be designed. Işık stated that they will move towards becoming a technology transfer center as well as a platform with high local contribution rate in rail systems, and said that it should focus on high-speed train production with advanced technology.

Işık underlines that the priority should be local and national locomotive production rather than domestic automobile production. It should not be forgotten that even if the start of the production of domestic cars today, the result will be 1000-1000 will be electric and driverless cars on the roads after years. Un Giving information about the global developments in the sector, Işık said, bilgi There is a change in the production cost index in terms of global value chain.

The advantage in production costs is shifting from the Far East to the US. In other words, production shifts to emerging markets with low labor costs. Turkey, remains competitive in the world in terms of production levels. Assuming production costs in Germany, this figure 100 121, 100 in the United States, is 98 in Turkey. As can be seen, we maintain our competitive edge. We have to go into production with high added value. We have to create value chains. So we have to act together, Yani he said.

Işık enumerates the objectives of the railway systems sector, stating that their goal is to develop design, R & D and innovation, and become a production center, stating: Işık Testing and certification in our sector is a must. Because the product you cannot test is not the product. The product you are unable to certify is non-salable. To have the technology, product development, testing and documentation to offer to the market is a whole.

Technicians, academicians and researchers are still in need. We need to increase cooperation and sharing in our sector. We have to open new markets with new projects, products and services.

URAYSIM is an important investment to achieve them. With URAYSİM, we will establish a center of excellence in the rail sector. URAYSİM will provide us with significant advantages with its test path capability and test infrastructure as well as being the certification authority. We should increase our production with the question 'can we sell' rather than 'national or local' questions. We are in the process of establishing a Rail Systems Design Center in Eskişehir. Studies on the model of this center continue. Bu
Chairman of the Board of ESO Savaş Özaydemir:
A very important sub-industry culture has been formed in Eskişehir

ESO Chairman of the Board Savaş Özaydemir stated that the rail systems are a sector focusing on the Eskişehir industry. The production here is more dependent on capital. The need for resource needs to be improved to improve production capability.

In Eskişehir, a very important sub-industry culture was formed. In Eskişehir we will train those who come from other countries in the field of rail systems. But 'we do, we must' and we should not spend our day with. We need a man to screw us. Vocational schools with higher education standards should be established in industrial areas. If there is a school in every industrial area, the technical personnel employment gap will be eliminated. It is said that the domestic car will not be sold at a meeting on automotive. Everything has an economy. It should be known that cars will be electric and driverless in the future. Gelecek Özaydemir, who predicted that the high-speed demand will be born to rail systems in the coming period, ir Investments are made in these areas and we should continue to take our place here. Eskişehir industry will continue to have a say in this area with its significant supplier industry investments and production capability Esk.
TÜLOMSAŞ General Manager Hayri Avcı:
We have structured each product as a different sector

In the last 10 year, Hayal Avci, General Manager of TULOMSAS stated that they have taken an important path within the scope of product, production and vision development activities and said X We restructured each product as a different sector. Organizing and specialization of our sub-industries is one of the issues we care about. We started production of our E1000 locomotive. We are currently working on E5000 locomotive production. We are aiming for this locomotive to be on the rails at 2019. We continue to work on the E10000 maneuvering locomotive.

We also put hybrid locomotive production among our targets. In addition, TULOMSAS has become a worldwide brand in the freight carriage. We also take the fruits of the strategic partnership agreement with General Electric. We realized the production of a new generation diesel locomotive designed for this company by TÜLOMSAŞ. We are exporting this locomotive to Europe and USA.

We will also perform high-speed train production at TÜLOMSAŞ. In this regard, we are continuing to improve the training level of our staff. Our technical staff training and R & D engineer training activities are also continuing with our universities. We believe that in order to make R & D very fast and get results, we need to have a co-operation with all relevant circles.
General Director of Railway Regulation İbrahim Yiğit:
Untrained vehicles will not enter our country

İbrahim Yiğit, General Director of Railway Regulation, emphasized that the democracies started liberalization as of the beginning of this year, men The private sector will now be able to use TCDD infrastructure for transportation. The state will subsidize the private sector in commercial and non-profitable railway lines for passenger transport. Loss of damaging lines will be paid to TCDD from the budget. Freight and passenger transport was also opened to the private sector. Recently we expect 4-5 private sector companies to be engaged in freight and passenger transportation. Here, our company has determined the 2 TL as price per kilometer / ton. Our institution is an authority on safety. We provide certification that controls the minimum safety systems of infrastructure and train operations. New conditions for wagon maintenance have been introduced. These cars will not enter our country if the wagon is not maintained ”.

Rector of Anadolu University PRO. DR. Naci Gündoğan:
URAYSIM will be an important R & D center for the sector

By expressing the ethics of continuing the construction of the National Rail Test and Research Center (URAYSİM) project as Anadolu University, “Until the 2020 year, topics such as physical condition and production of test devices used in the center will be completed. In the meantime, the test paths will be finished. URAYSİM will be a world-class test center working with state-of-the-art test equipment and will be an important R & D center serving the sector.

We sent academic staff who will work in URAYSİM to complete their doctoral studies abroad. In the 2 year, our doctoral student over 20 will complete their program and return home. We also send our technician-level staff to South Korea for training. As the trainings are completed, new technicians are sent. Eskişehir will become a known center of production, R & D and academia all over the world. Esk
Rector of Osmangazi University PRO. DR.Hsan Gönen:

We will continue to present our scientific knowledge to the sector

Stating that they have opened graduate programs at the university in order to meet the training needs of the personnel who will serve in the railway systems sector, lar Master's and doctoral programs are formed by taking into consideration the needs of the sector and concentrating on the areas indicated by the institutions. In addition to postgraduate programs, R & D subjects for the needs of the sector are determined through our technology transfer office and companies benefit from the scientific accumulation of our university. As ESOGU is an institution with a regional university identity, our university, which undertakes important tasks, will continue to offer scientific knowledge in line with the needs of the sector ES.

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