Is the high-speed train to Bursa a dream?

Is the high-speed train to Bursa a dream? : It seems that Bursa will wait longer to get the High Speed ​​Train (YHT). The YHT project, the foundation of which was laid five years ago and announced to the people of Bursa, was locked.

The foundation of the High Speed ​​Train Project was laid in December 2012. Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç, then Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Labor and Social Security Faruk Çelik and many bureaucrats attended the groundbreaking ceremony.

With the closure of the Bursa - Mudanya line, the line to be built at a speed of 1953 kilometers per hour in Bursa, which has been deprived of railway transportation since 250, would reduce the travel time between Ankara-Bursa and Bursa-Istanbul to 2 hours and 15 minutes.


Republic of Turkey Period State Railways (TCDD) General Director Süleyman Karaman, Bursa High Speed ​​Train Line, 250 kilometers speed will be built, equipped with the appropriate latest technological systems, said Bursa's 59-year iron road longing, went even further, high speed train He said that the first step was taken to relieve it. Karaman stated that Bursa, which got a train with the opening of the Bursa-Mudanya Line in 1891, was deprived of this opportunity when the road was closed in 1953 and said, "Today, Bursa is starting to count days to get a high-speed train." Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe also stated that YHT will go on its first voyage in 2016. Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, who was the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications at that time, said that the train to Bursa was a 30-year promise, that despite 11 governments and 23 ministers, the project did not come to life, and that they turned into service by addressing neglected problems and investments.

Speaking at the Bursa program held before the April 16 referendum, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan did not give a clear date for the delayed YHT but said, “When the Bursa-Bilecik High Speed ​​Train Project, which is under construction, is completed, it will take 2 hours and 154 minutes to Ankara, Istanbul and Konya. it will be possible to reach within ”he said.


Apart from all these developments, it is still a matter of curiosity when the YHT, which should have been put into service one and a half years ago, will start operating. There is no official statement from any authorized institution, and no clear date is given for the completion of the work from the government wing.

Olay Newspaper writer who shares his ears with his readers Ahmet Emin YılmazAccording to what is reported, for the train to come to Bursa, a long distance must be covered.


According to Yılmaz's column, the YHT project got stuck in the Court of Accounts. The project, the cost of which increased later due to the problems experienced in the tender process, was investigated by the TCDD Inspection Board. When 13% of the money allocated to the whole project was spent for 96% of the line, the Court of Accounts stepped in and gave two warnings to TCDD.

Important points in Yılmaz's article are as follows;

. The connection between Bursa and Yenişehir, which will connect Bursa to Bilecik via Ankara-İstanbul high speed train line, was awarded to 2011 million liras in 400. According to what I talked about, the tender was carried out before the tender studies were carried out. More than half of the 55 kilometer route between Bursa and Yenisehir has changed. As such, the 96 of the money left before the line was constructed or even before the tunnels were finished. 13 on paper is complete, but there is nothing in the middle. The TCDD Inspection Board has started an investigation according to the auditors of the Court of Accounts. Here he is currently on the wait for the Bursa's fast train project because the investigation has not yet finished.

According to Yılmaz, it is not right to give up hope, but we have to wait a little longer.


On the other hand, Turgay Akbulut, one of the columnists of Yeni Period Newspaper, reminded that the YHT project started to be mentioned in 2009 and said that the target years for Bursa were 2016 and 2017. In the Akbulut corner, "They put forward 2018 for a while, but they will realize that it will not catch up to that date, and later they revised the meeting of Bursa with YHT as 2020!" He wrote in the form.

The prominent headings from Akbulut's article are as follows; “Transport Minister Ahmet Arslan announced a few days ago that the Ankara-Kırıkkale-Yozgat-Sivas YHT line will be completed in 2018, and the Ankara-Afyonkarahisar-Uşak-Manisa-İzmir YHT line will be completed in 2019. 2016 is your course, 2017. 2017 is your course, let's be 2019. But not 2023. If it does, it means there is a frivolity and indifference in this business! If the high-speed train goes from Ankara to Istanbul, Izmir but cannot come to Bursa, it means we are unattended as a city! "


In the continuation of the Akbulut article, he says that you learned that the line will pass behind the Terminal parallel to the highway, it will also have a stop at the Pass, but it will not have a connection to Gemlik. Stating that there are no problems on the Bursa - Yenişehir line, Akbulut states that the Yenişehir Bilecik line has not yet been tendered, and that the completion of this 80-kilometer line will take five years and almost 2023.

When we put all these developments aside, it becomes clear that Bursa, which was planned to have a high-speed train last year, should wait for a while due to the problems and financial negativities in the project. We will learn in the next period whether the residents of Bursa will wait five years to go to Ankara in two and a half hours or will the project be completed in a shorter time.

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  1. Yes it was a dream. Because both the route of this line and the location of the airport is extremely wrong and completely waste of resources as a result of ignorance and small interests. Firstly, the location of the airport should be located somewhere between Karacabey and Mustafakemalpaşa and it should also be planned to serve Balıkesir and Bandırma. Secondly, the YHT line should come not towards the mountains with difficult geography, but from the side of the mountains towards Inegel and connect to the Istanbul and Ankara line from the west of Bozuyük. You can even connect to Bandırma with less geographical obstacle on this route and money to be saved 30 km shorter.

  2. I'm warning from here. The same thing will happen to you in Erzincan Trabzon YHT connection. Because the geography is not capable of being overcome. Instead, make conventional FDI from Erzurum to Trabzon and advance the YHT from Samsun.