Istanbul public transportation will be discounted at 50

50 discount on mass transportation in Istanbul: In line with the proposal made by the members of the AK Party and CHP members in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council, 25 June 2017 hours 06.00 - 27 June 2017 hours 24.00 citizens, public transportation vehicles 50 discount can benefit.

In the joint proposal of AK Party and CHP, araç To contribute to the visits of relatives, friends and cemeteries to be made by the people due to the Ramadan Feast, to consolidate our unity and solidarity, to encourage the use of public transportation vehicles and to increase the traffic density of private vehicles. percent of the vehicles out of percentages will be useful to do, "said. The proposal was unanimously approved in the IBB Parliament.

Within the scope of the application, IETT and Private Public Buses, Bus Co, Metrobus, City Lines Ferries, Public Transport Integrated Private Marine Engines, Metro, Tram, Light Metro and Funicular will offer discounted service at 50. 50 50 percent of the remaining percentage of discounted transportation will be covered by IMM.

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