16 thousand child's cargo is sent free

The cargo of 16 thousand children will be sent free of charge: Transport, Maritime and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan said that the cargo and letters of approximately 16 thousand children staying in orphanages and detention centers will be sent by PTT free of charge.

Minister Arslan said in his statement that the Regulation on Universal Postal Services for children under state guarantee, especially in orphanages, was amended and that the regulation was published in the Official Gazette on 2 June.

With this amendment, Arslan stated that they would send their letters and cargoes up to 100 grams free of charge for the children staying in kindergartens, dormitories and homes connected to the Ministry of Family and Social Policies. he.

Noting the importance of the provision for approximately 16 thousand children under state guarantee, Arslan said:

“Unfortunately, since our children in orphanages are separate from their families, they begin to succumb to life 1-0. However, our young people who grow up in those dormitories are also part of the future of our country. We act with the knowledge and we try to remove the obstacles in front of our children as much as we can. ”

  • “There are only PTT Bank in one thousand 781 settlements”

Arslan pointed out that the steps taken within the organization since 2002 have completely changed PTT, saying, “A revolution occurred in PTT. The institution kept up with the technological developments of its age with the new services and became the shining star of the country. We can not make PTT shallow container and Turkey. Now pttcell'siz, Bank'sız PTT, PTT Kargo'suz impossible to imagine a Turkey. " said.

Emphasizing that 4 thousand 475 PTT workplaces still provide postal, logistics and banking services, Arslan noted that only PTT Bank is present in 781 settlements where there are no banks.

Underlining that PTT is increasing its service quality by increasing the type of service every day, Arslan said, “PTT is not only satisfied with providing services to our citizens. It is with our people with such arrangements. ” he spoke.

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