Minister Arslan: ily The Last 14 Investments in 347 Billion Liras on behalf of the country to be accessible and accessible in a year Bakan

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan said that 14 has invested 1 billion liras in the last 347 year in order to be able to reach and reach the country. 227 billion pounds in public private cooperation in the ongoing work.

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan said that 14 has invested 1 billion liras in the last 347 year in order to be able to reach and reach the country. 227 billion pounds in public private cooperation is ongoing work. Milyar He said.

Minister Arslan, the fast-breaking program held in a restaurant in his speech, the country is accessible and accessible from the past to the present ministry, the country and the country is trying to serve the people, everyone who served, said that the purpose is to serve human.

In the last 14 year, in order to improve the transportation infrastructure of the industry, the economy and the industry in order for the country to be accessible and accessible, Arslan said that they invested in 347 billion liras. billion pounds of public private cooperation within the framework of the investment reported.

Arslan, currently the ongoing projects, especially after the spending of the 227 billion pounds will be expressed, 51 billion pounds of public private cooperation within the framework of ongoing studies, he said.

This year, the Ministry of the Ministry of investment related to the amount of investment allowance 26 billion 400 million pounds describing Arslan, 2017 179 investment program in the 17 billion 100 million pounds for the project by spending them said they will finish.

In the highway sector, this year, the investment program 11 billion pounds, indicating that the allowance Arslan, people's access to transportation and access to receive services within the year will receive an additional allowance.

The first targets on the highways will finish the divided road 840 kilometers Arslan, 860 kilometers to do the only way, 2017 2 17 miles bitumen hot mix they will, 850 miles bitumen hot mix roads maintenance, repair and renovation work, 12 thousand 250 kilometers in the surface coating also told that they would do construction, repair.

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Arslan also provide information about their work with the model, Ovit Tunnel View will finish next year, Turkey's longest tunnel which 14,5 kilometers Zigana Tunnel in the future "light appeared in the" ceremony will be held the next year they will finish.

Arslan stated that the drilling of the 3-Decked Great Istanbul Tunnel, which includes both rail and automobile transportation, is planned to be completed by the end of this year and that the works on the construction of the tunnel will be completed by the end of this year and they will tender the BOT model.

In the railways sector, the General Directorate of TCDD and the Directorate General of Infrastructure Investments are working together, Arslan said that there are 11,3 billion pounds in the railway sector.

Arslan, high-speed train (YHT) and high-speed train work by giving information, a thousand 213 kilometers from the YHT line of TCDD Transportation Inc. by the management continues, 3 thousand kilometers YHT and high-speed train line is still in the work of construction said.

”The Baku-Kars-Tbilisi line will be opened in late August as per the beginning of September“

as the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line in Turkey Arslan quite striking distance traveled, "We are becoming the end of June beginning of July, but the train can operate landslide occurred at the border on the Georgian side. Hence their jobs extended by 3 monthly. By the end of August like the beginning of September, when they finished there, we will be completely finished and we will be ready for the operation of the diesel train. Ağustos

Starting from Gayrettepe in Istanbul, 3. Arslan reminiscent of the tender for the subway to the airport, the airport Halkalıthe second part of the High Planning Council (YPK) decision is out, the construction will soon be announced.

The Ministry of State Airports Authority (DHMI) and the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments 1,3 billion liras in the aviation industry to report that they will invest in Arslan, Karaman, Yozgat and Bayburt with the service of the construction of new airports to serve the Gümüşhane to start the process, they have reached the final stage in the work of Izmir Alaçatı Airport told.

Türksat 5A and 5B satellites in the final stage of the procurement process of voicing the Arslan, the national and domestic satellite 6A said they continue their work.

Ti 3 bin 515 boat passed to Turkish flag “

About the work they will do in the maritime industry Arslan, said they would invest in this sector 720 million pounds.

Arslan, who reminds that they have made many arrangements and exemptions for passing Turkish flag with foreign flag yachts to Turkish flag, said: Our year-end target is 3. 515 thousand 6 boat draw the Turkish flag before the end of the year.

Arslan stated that by using the Universal Service Fund as the Ministry in the communication sector, they invested in many places in the rural areas where the private sector did not invest because of not being able to access or not to be economically.

The National Public Integrated Data Center will finish their feasibility studies early next year.

Cyber ​​Security Act Arslan stated that they followed the draft enactment process, reported that they continued to make their cyber security exercises in Turkey and in the international arena.

Arslan, 1 April 2016'da 4,5G'da service in the number of subscribers increased to 54 million, one-third of the 4,5G active use, he said.

Arslan stated that the works to increase the service to 799G, which was established as 2G in 3G, will be completed next year. .

He stated that they were obliged to use the ULAK base station in the mentioned places and thus the domestic and national base stations would be used.

Pointing out that the e-government gate reaches 32 million users, Arslan said that the work on the National Broadband Strategy was completed and submitted to the approval of the YPK.

Arslan, noting that grow with the new structure by PTT, serving all over Turkey's PTT thousand new workplaces will 500 and 2 500 thousand, adding that more staffing was done.

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