Good News to Yıldırım, a Viaduct, Divided by the Rail System in Two

Good News of a Viaduct to Yıldırım, which the Rail System Divided into Two: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which solved the blind knots in urban traffic with different projects, will connect Kurtuluş Avenue to Karlıdağ and Vişne Streets with the viaduct to be built on the western part of Yellow Mosque in Yıldırım. Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe said that with the viaduct that will breathe in Davutdede and Duaçınarı, the traffic loads of Gökdere and İhtisas intersections will be greatly reduced.

In order to eliminate the transportation problem in Bursa, the Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented significant investments in every field from the rail system, bridges and intersections, from road expansion to the creation of new alternative routes, connects both sides of Yıldırım with the viaduct. Especially after the passing of the rail system line in the north - south axis Yildirim district divided by two link between the two collar Gökdere and Specialized Intersections, the density of these points will be eliminated with the viaduct project. Within the scope of the project prepared by the Metropolitan Municipality, the viaduct to be built in the continuation of Kurtuluş Caddesi will be connected to the Karlıdağ and Vişne Streets from the western part of the Yellow Mosque via the Ankara road. There will also be a pedestrian path in the viaduct for the vehicles.

We solve the blind nodes
Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, especially in order to relieve urban traffic to resolve the blind nodes do not hesitate to invest in any, he said. Following the passing of the rail system in the Duaçınarı region, it is an important expectation that the two sides of Yıldırım have been connected to each other, and that they will implement this project with a viaduct project. Noting that the project works are about to be completed and they want to start the tender and start the works soon, President Altepe said, mak In the viaduct to be built on the road to Kurtuluş Caddesi, the connection between the western part of the Yellow Mosque and the streets of Karlıdağ and Vişne will be ensured. In this way, the crossings previously made from Ihtisas and Gokdere Intersections can be made easily from this viaduct. Thus, while the traffic in the Duaçınarı and Davutdede regions, the load of the Gökdere and the Special Crossroads will be reduced Bö.

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