The route of YHT to pass through Sapanca in the City Council was discussed

The route to pass through Sapanca in the City Council was discussed: The Chamber of City Planners Sakarya Representative Oya Arapoglu asked for a review of the High Speed ​​Train route that will pass through Sapanca.

Every month, Sakarya City Council came together to create a solution to the problems of the city. At the last meeting of the year, Sakarya Representative of the Chamber of Urban Planners hosted Oya Arapoğlu Arapoglu shared his concerns about the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) route with his members.


Oya Arapoglu, in his speech YHT Sapanca expressed concern about the route. A comprehensive presentation, which lasted for about two hours, Arapoğlu told the documents about the harms of the YHT route to Sapanca. Arapoglu said that the route in question was prepared on paper and that there were not enough technical and physical investigations.


Tunnel crossing planned to be made between Sapanca-Doğançay determining Tunnel transition, factors such as fault lines, ground structure and groundwater sources are not investigated adequately, "This tunnel line was drawn on paper. Tunnel entrance, which starts from Doğançay, enters Akçay neighborhood and passes through Akçay Creek to viaducts and enters the tunnel. Akçay 1. In addition to being a highly protected area, passing through the line will cause image and noise pollution Derece.

A part of the YHT line is planned to be passed under the TEM Highway Oya Araboglu, it is not possible in the current situation, he argued. "The height of the Highways and High Speed ​​Train Line to pass under the TEM highway should be 10 meters," he said. The height of the underpass on the Fevzi Çakmak Street, which is close to where the YHT line passes under the TEM highway, is 4.50 meters. In this case the YHT line will either fall below the ground level or the TEM highway will rise. It is unclear how this transition, which even the highways do not know, will be analyzed in practice. Kar


Iğ At the end of 1, these areas where the YHT line passes are flooded and there are puddles in the smallest rain. In addition, the main sewer line in Sapanca is also passing, iden he warned.


Ina Due to the planned YHT line, many roads in the district will be closed, transportation will be provided by the lower and upper passages attention, ına he said. Furthermore, since both sides of the YHT line will be closed with protective elements, the transitions will be provided by 'overpasses and underpasses'. Not only the parcels where the line passes, but the bridges on these bridges will have a wall view on the front plots. Even the suspended 1 / 1000 scale application According to the zoning plan, the road front of many parcels will be closed Hatta.


Aiming to shorten the distance between Istanbul and Ankara, the only way to shorten the current route of the YHT line will only shorten the 13 minutes. The damage to the Sapphire route of the YHT route should be studied very well, and the implementation projects and construction costs covering the lower and upper structures should also be taken into consideration. Y

Sakarya Representative of the Chamber of City Planners Oya Arapoglu answered the questions of the members of the Shura following this comprehensive presentation. The meeting ended with the wishes of the members of the shura.

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