Investors are waiting for 'Güllük Railway Project

📩 27/04/2019 19:42

Investors' Gulluk Railway expects the project: last March China A-B-Gulluk Railway Project in the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) 3. While there are reports of the initiation of the study by the authorities of the Regional Directorate, there is still no positive progress.

In March, with the joy of meeting the project to start the study of the mining companies in the region entering the expectation of industrialists, the launch of the project from Ankara to the attention of the good news to be cut, while some industrialists said they cut their hopes from the project.

When the realization of Denizli and Aydin, especially in the mines of all kinds of export products to the port of Güllük more costly than in Izmir will be moved because of the initiatives for the project in Ankara region politicians, some procedures will be given to the industrialists will give the necessary gospel when explaining they refrained from responding positively. On the other hand, 2016 2017 Year Central Budget Law Draft Meeting on Budget and Budget Commission Meeting held in November, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan, about the fate of the Çine-Yatağan-Güllük Railway Project directed to him; Yat You are right in Çine-Yatağan-Güllük Railway Project. We have work on that. Based on the previous agreement on the Göcek Tunnel, we are currently working on a contract and going to an agreement with the contractor to cut down on his time and finish the process on both of these days. You are right about this. In and it was learned that he gave instructions to the necessary units for the project.

As there were still no positive progress in the process, representatives of the regional and local politicians, local firms and some industrial companies who demanded to focus on the project by decreasing the input costs and directly increasing the revenues of the export companies, claimed that there were some speculations about the project. In the 2007, Aycan Çakıroğlu, one of the former MPs of Denizli, was brought to the agenda by CHP Muğla MP. Dr. Expectations of industrialists in the region for the Denizli-Aydın-Çine-Yatağan-Milas-Güllük Railway Project, which Nurettin Demir brings to the agenda, continue.

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  1. This project also provides serious services to tourism.

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