ELVs will be boarded with ANKARAKART

ETAs will be boarded with ANKARAKART: Electronic ticket "ANKARAKART" system is implemented in 168 private public transportation vehicles (ELV) that serve on the Sincan- Ulus- Kızılay line. The implementation will start on Monday, May 15.

Private public transport vehicles in the city will benefit from the ELVs, the capital city, EGO General Directorate of public transport metro, Ankaray, bus and ropeway will travel using TA ANKARAKART an.


EGO officials stated that the decision to switch to the ANKARAKART system in ELVs was taken by the Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) on the 21st of April, upon the proposal of the EGO General Directorate. They said that he would not have the opportunity to board.


Stating that EGO has started to install electronic ticket reading system "valleys" inside ELV vehicles, the officials noted that, thanks to the application, ELVs will be compatible with EGO public transportation vehicles and will be traveled with a single card.

Authorities, with the application of ANKARAKART emphasized that the negative situation between the passenger-ticket-driver will disappear, while the free card and discount card users will be able to travel easily with the cards.


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