We are the 8th Tunnel Boring Machine Producing Country in the World

We are the 8th tunnel boring machine producing country in the world: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan stated that Turkey is one of the 8 countries producing tunnel boring machines in the world, “Now our goal is a tunnel boring machine with a diameter of 3 meters in the 16,8-storey Grand Istanbul Tunnel that we will build in Istanbul. use." said.

Zeybekci Economy Minister Nihat Arslan, E-Berk aş.'n Metallurgical machinery and the introduction of Turkey's first domestically produced by tunneling machine thus participated in the ceremony held in Anatolia Organized Industrial Zone.

In her speech, Arslan reminded that the tunnels drilled with digging shovels were used for days, saying, “The tunnel boring machine is almost a factory. Although there are cutting and piercing tools at the front, it is like a factory that reaches back 80-100 meters. On the one hand, you pierce the tunnel, at the same time, you bring and place the concrete segments that you prepared before, you inject concrete behind. Thus, by placing segments of one meter between 45 minutes and 1 hour for this machine, you are both scraping and finishing manufacturing. ” he spoke.

Armstrong explained that the tunnel boring machines used in many projects in Turkey, "Now, our goal is going to do in Istanbul Istanbul 3 Floor Large Tunnel, which is 16,8 meters in diameter tunnel boring machine use. You have to order them specially in each project. Due to the diameter of the tunnel and the structure of the ground, you are custom built. Today we have become the world's 8th tunnel drilling machine producing country. ” used expressions.

Noting that the industry, industry and trade should grow for the growth of the economy and the country, Arslan said, “The sine qua non of this is the completion of the transportation corridors. From Europe to Asia via Turkey and central corridor leading from London to Beijing not only by land, sea and air with the need to complete the road. Therefore, there is a serious distance we have covered in the last 15 years. We should do much more than just settle with that. ” found the assessment.

Arslan stated that the responsibility for the company that makes a tunnel drilling machine by breaking new ground is not to be satisfied with it, “There are plans for tunnel drilling machine with a diameter of 8 meters in the near future. We are ready to provide all kinds of support with our President, Prime Minister and our government. This support will be a support to the industry and growth of our country, and thus to increase the welfare, development and quality of life of our people. ” said.

The machine will be used in Ergene Project

E-Berk Makine ve Metalürji AŞ. The National Tunnel Boring Machine, produced by the company, with a diameter of 3,25 meters, a length of 92 meters, a weight of 175 tons and a power of 800 KVA, will be used in the Ergene Deep Discharge Tunnel and Treatment Project in Tekirdağ. Thanks to the project, as well as the contribution to be made by cleaning the Ergene River, the treatment problem of the 9th Organized Industrial Zone in the Çorlu and Ergene regions will be solved completely. In addition, the production of the machine in question will prevent imports of 250m euros annually.

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