Solutions at UTİKAD-Turkish Cargo Workshop were in Gündem

Solution Ways on the Agenda at the UTİKAD-Turkish Cargo Workshop: A joint workshop was organized on May 4 by Turkish Cargo and the International Transport and Logistics Service Association. At the workshop, where problems and solutions offered by UTİKAD member air cargo agencies were discussed, Turkish Airlines Executive Vice President Turhan Özen, Turkish Cargo senior managers, UTİKAD Chairman Emre Eldener, UTİKAD Board members and UTİKAD member air cargo agencies attended the workshop.

Following the workshop where the problems in the 27 substance problems list prepared by UTİKAD were discussed together with the proposals for solutions, two presentations were made on airline transportation customs issues and THY's air cargo, facility and infrastructure investments at the New Airport. UTİKAD members also had the opportunity to closely examine the facility and cargo area of ​​Turkish Cargo. At the end of the efficient workshop, it was decided to continue the search for a common solution.

International Transport and Logistics Service Producers Association UTİKAD and Turkish Cargo have signed a joint workshop. UTMAD Chairman Emre Eldener, UTİKAD Board of Directors Chairman Turgut Erkeskin, UTİKAD Board of Directors Chairman of the Board of Directors of UTİKAD, UTIKAD Board of Directors attended the workshop held at the Turkish Cargo Facility in 4 May, hosted by Turkish Airlines Executive Vice President Turhan Özen and Turkish Cargo senior managers Board Member and Chairman of the Airline Working Group Mehmet Özal, UTİKAD Board Members İbrahim Dölen, Serkan Eren, Rıdvan Haliloğlu, UTİKAD General Manager Cavit Uğur and UTİKAD member airline cargo agencies attended.

UTİKAD Board Members, 6 December 2016 visited THY General Manager Bilal Ekşi in his office, presented their wishes for success and told the problems of UTİKAD member air cargo agencies. At the request of Turkish Airlines General Manager Ekşi the problems of air cargo agencies were notified in writing to THY. Following the General Manager Ekşi, UTİKAD Delegation visited Turhan Özen, who was appointed as the Assistant General Manager in charge of Turkish Airlines Cargo on 5 January 2017.

The Board of Directors of UTIKAD, Emre Eldener, presented the wishes of UTIKAD to Turhan Ozen, as well as the problems faced by UTIKAD member air freight agencies and their solution suggestions. At the end of the meeting, it was decided to organize a joint workshop by UTİKAD and THY Kargo.

4 The workshop, which took place in May and attracted great interest from UTİKAD member air cargo agencies, started with the speech of THY Deputy General Manager Turhan Özen. THY Assistant General Manager Özen emphasized that air cargo agencies are of great importance for THY; Bu This workshop, which we realized in cooperation with UTİKAD, is of great importance for us. We have been working mutually for the solution of the problems determined for a while. Today, we will share the solution steps we have come to as Turkish Cargo for the list of problems prepared in consultation with UTİKAD member agencies. ”

UTİKAD Chairman Emre Eldener, who took the floor after Özen, Assistant General Manager, emphasized the importance of the workshop. UTİKAD President Eldener pointed out that the process has accelerated after Turhan Özen joined THY Kargo for the solution of technical and operational problems experienced by UTİKAD members. “I would like to thank him and his team for their support. The importance they attach to the issue can be seen from the fact that they have full staff as management here. In addition, the presence of UTİKAD member cargo agencies with a wide participation demonstrates the importance given to the issue clearly. ”

Stating that a list of problems with 27 Article was prepared with the suggestions of both air cargo managers of the member companies and airport office personnel in the UTİKAD Airline Working Group, Eldener said, üzerinden These items were passed one by one and we held intermediate meetings. In these meetings, UTİKAD witnessed how proactive THY Kargo is in solving the problems. In this meeting, they will give detailed information about the problems we forwarded to them and their solutions. Again at the end of this meeting, we will have the opportunity to talk about what awaits the cargo agencies and THY Cargo with the transition to the new airport towards the end of 2018. ”

THY Eldener indicating that the great importance of air cargo agents UTIKAD member for cargo, "about the members in our account UTIKAD 95% of the total air cargo in Turkey, which is organizing agencies. At this point, as a national airline cargo carrier, we believe that free competition must be ensured under fair conditions and impartiality between agencies should be protected by THY Kargo. We believe that the functions of air cargo agencies should be considered in this process. UTİKAD is ready to cooperate with THY Kargo on the elimination of all kinds of question marks on these issues. ”

Following the speech of UTİKAD President Emre Eldener, Turkish Cargo Cargo Vice President Halit Naran made a presentation based on the working principles and annual data of Turkish Cargo. Narrating that the number of cargo planes will increase in the upcoming period, Naran also shared the information that new destinations will be opened in Africa.

Following the opening speeches, the workshop was moderated by Turkish Cargo Cargo Operations Control Manager Ahmet Kaya. During the workshop, Mehmet Özal, UTİKAD Board Member and Airline Working Group Chairman, Turkish Cargo Cargo Marketing and Sales Manager Ömer Faruk Kılıç, Special Cargo Manager Bahadır Büyükkaymaz, Cargo Project Coordination Manager Volkan Solmaz, Istanbul Manager Murat Yalçın Kırca and Acting Cargo Capacity Planning Manager Furkan Özüdoğru joined the project.

Turkish Cargo's top executives have announced the solution suggestions for the problems listed in the 27 item list prepared by UTİKAD. While explaining the action plans of Turkish Cargo for the solution of the problems, detailed information was given about the marketing, special cargo and cargo operations of Turkish Cargo. During the interactive workshop, the representatives of UTİKAD member air cargo agencies answered the questions about the processes and problems.

At the end of the workshop, UTİKAD Board Member and Airline Working Group Chairman Mehmet Özal said, orum I would like to define this workshop as the mother of the next workshops and I support Turhan Bey's proposal to meet at least once a year. This cooperation and work between THY and UTİKAD is very important because we are in a period of transformation not only in the political changes in our region, in our country, but also in the sector. As UTİKAD, we follow many issues that will shape our business models in the coming period and represent our sector in both national and international platforms. ”

Mehmet Özal, who is also on the agenda of UTİKAD and also took the initiative, said, “We closely follow the issues of Industry 4.0, digitalization, e-Freight, e-AWB processes, load and documents completely separated from each other. The new airport will affect the Turkish aviation sector and its processes, where both IGA and all its stakeholders, ground services, airlines, IATA etc. In consultation, we continue our contacts to increase the efficiency of cargo processes. With China's One-Way One-Belt Project, 14 flights from China are now arriving in Europe, and this time is scheduled to be reduced to 11. This will inevitably affect the aviation industry and we will need to develop faster, more flexible, more reliable, more competitive services. ”

Stating that UTİKAD continues its activities as a permanent and permanent member of the Board of Facilitation of Trade, Özal said, “At the same time, we take an active role in the works related to the issue of the New Customs Law and the Authorization Certificates of the Ministry of Transportation. We cooperate with THY to form a common opinion on the development of customs processes. SHGM and SHT 17.6 and other regulations related to the sector to participate in the work. Istanbul SOP was accepted at the meeting held with ACC, IATA and UTİKAD member sector representatives about E-AWB yesterday. We invite all our members to make multiliteral agreements with IATA and join the system. We will also hold e-AWB information meetings in the coming days. ”

Following the workshop, Turkish Cargo Customs Manager Seyfullah Topal made a presentation on customs issues in air transport. Topal, "UTİKAD is of great importance to our work with us," he said. Turkish Cargo Cargo Operations Manager Adnan Karaismailoğlu, who took the floor after Topal, shared the latest point of Turkish Cargo in the facility and infrastructure works of the New Airport with the participants.

After the efficient workshop, participants who had lunch at the Turkish Cargo facilities had the opportunity to visit the facility and site.

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