Opening of Nostalgic Train Project in Şarköy District


The Inauguration of the Nostalgic Train Project in Şarköy District: The services provided by Şarköy Municipality and Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality began to bear fruit. The opening of the Nostalgic Train Project, which was carried out jointly by the Trakya Development Agency by the Municipality of Şarköy, supported by the Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality, was held in the Sarköy Republic Square.

In addition to Şarköy District Governor Hamdi Üncü, Muratlı Mayor Nebi Tepe, mayors from neighboring provinces, Municipal Council Members, Teski General Manager Dr. Şafak Başa, Deputy Secretary General Zeki Gürcün, speaking with the representatives of political parties and many citizens of Sarkoy at the opening ceremony, expressed his happiness for supporting this project by Trakya Development Agency General Secretary Mahmut Şahin, adding value to Şarköy added value. It hosts hundreds of thousands of tourists in the best way in summer. "It will continue to host better with this project that cost 1 million 200 thousand liras.

2. Süleyman Altınok, Mayor of Şarköy explaining that they live the happiness, “It was a good project for Şarköy. Train with a capacity of 40 passengers will take our citizens approximately 5 km along the coastline and contribute to the relaxation of the traffic. Hopefully next year we want to make a round trip by increasing this number of trains to 2. Our only goal is to serve our citizens, "he said.

Stating that Şarköy is a district that develops day by day, Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Albayrak said, “We are happy to serve Şarköy and other districts. In order to provide better service to Şarköy, we must increase its population above 50 thousand. We want summer cottages to take their records to Şarköy. " said. Mayor Albayrak stated that the nostalgic train project suits Şarköy very well and said that they will support the purchase of the second train next year.

On the other hand, the foundations of Karadere and Olukbaşı creek improvement projects to be carried out by the Science Affairs Department were laid. Providing technical information at the groundbreaking ceremony, Deputy Secretary General Zeki Georgün said that the stream rehabilitation that will cost 6 million 785 thousand liras will be completed in 180 days. He stated that a total of 1360 meters of creeks will be rehabilitated, with Georgian Karadere 1400 meters and Olukbaşı 2760 meters.

Providing information about the works carried out in Şarköy, Şarköy Mayor Süleyman Altınok thanked Tekirdağ Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Albayrak, who always supported them and announced that they will carry out amphitheater and windmill projects from now on.

Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, Kadir Albayrak, wishing that all investments will be beneficial to Şarköy district, asked the contractor company to complete the project in the best possible way and as soon as possible. "Our services to Şarköy will continue from now on," said Albayrak.

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