Administrative Cargo Manager was appointed to Aras Kargo

Aras Delegation Delegation Appointed to Aras Kargo: Aras Kargo Anonim Şirketi's 48,13% shareholder A group shareholders, Aras Holding Chairman Barış Baran Aras and Meral Aras applied to Istanbul Anatolian 4th Commercial Court of First Instance. On 5 May 2017, the executive delegation was appointed to the Aras Kargo by the court. Mehmet YORULMAZER, Yasin DOĞAN, Uğur GÜRSOY, Ercan GÜR and Yurdakul TUNÇER are on the executive delegation.

The Group A shareholders Meral ARAS and Barış, due to the fact that Advanced AKINCI, who was previously appointed as representative trustee to the company by Istanbul Anatolian 9th Commercial Court of First Instance, had limited powers, that the temporary management powers granted to the representative delegation by the court were abolished and the company did not have a Board of Directors. As a result of the application made by Baran Aras to the Istanbul Anatolian 4th Commercial Court of First Instance; Having decided that the company is without organs and urgently should be appointed as a "Management Trustee", he decided to appoint a 5-member Executive Trustee to the company and be authorized to represent the company with the joint signature of at least two of the trustees. Thus, the obstacles to the effective operation of the company were eliminated.

5 May 2017 the date of the participation of the company participating in the 25 share of the company's shares in the share of Group B shareholder 206 GMBH (Austrian Post) also support the request for the appointment of trustees with the support of the company's total 73,13% of the process has accelerated and the court has appointed the Appointment Manager.

Barış Baran Aras made a statement due to the trustee appointed as a result of his application and expressed his belief that the new trustee board will take positive steps regarding the management of the long-term shareholder process in a healthy and efficient way. Emphasizing that Aras Kargo should focus on rapid growth and new investments on the ground of reconciliation, Baran Aras stated that Aras Kargo, which is the most valuable brand of cargo sector, could reach all targets easily in a positive environment.

Aras Cargo Company serves 19 million customers every month with 28 regional directorate, 825 transfer center, 3 branch, 320 bin 12 fleet and 12 thousand employees. Being part of Aras Cargo with 2013 shares in 25, Austrian Post started a process in 75 in order to increase its share in 2016 to the company and moved to Geneva International Arbitration.

As known, a commercial trustee was appointed last February, but no contribution was made in the managerial and inter-shareholder process.



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