Cable car will land in Bursa center in 2019

Cable car will land in the center of Bursa in 2019: Teleferik Holding will take the 9 kilometer cable car from Bursa to the Gökdere Park in the city center with a new line of 4 kilometers. Teferrüç will be reached with a project in the 7 journey from Gökdere Park. The first time with the new line will take place at 2019.

Teleferik Holding which has the longest direct cableway line to Bursa in the world's single-rope system, which has been renewing the existing ropeway and bringing them to the region, is now downloading the cable car from Teferrüç to Gökdere Park in the city center. Within the scope of the project, the cable car will reach Teferrüç from Setbaşı-Irgandı Bridge, Gökdere BursaRay Station and Gökdere Park.

Teferrüç-Setbaşı-Gökdere Metro Station and Gökdere Park stations will consist of approximately 4 kilometers from the Gökdere Park Xnumx minute journey to reach Teferrüç. Bursalılar will not have to go to Teferrüç to ride the cable car. The project tender, which will cost around 7 million TL, is planned to be completed in June and 50 is scheduled to start carrying passengers at 18 after a monthly operation.

Teleferik Holding Chairman of the Board of Directors İlker Cumbul stated that the ropeway line, which will be projected entirely for urban transportation, will take a passenger from Kestel, or the west, to the Uludağ or Sculpture directly from the university. The estimated 18 is completed in a month and is activated in 2019. we are implementing in Turkey to follow that rope transportation systems in South America. In Europe, it received permission to pass through the building cable cars, ski lifts as you go through the underground metro line in Turkey also given approval to go through the building. We also carry out roped transport in urban applications. The Yenimahalle Şentepe Cable Car Line in Ankara can be an example. But Bursa is a pioneer in this project. Ama

The cabin is normally standard 8 personality, while this project with the 10 personality cabins expressing the use of Cumbul, UM line will be installed with the carrying capacity of 4 thousand passengers per hour. According to the rail system, construction costs are reduced to one at 8. Another project of the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is the disintegration of the cable car to the Pinarbasi from Kisaksu region and from there to the Alacahirka-Kuştepe locations. Bursa
We have ski projects in the Balkans

Ilker Cumbul, currently ongoing domestic and international projects also touching on, ı Trabzon Besikduzu Teleferik project are finished. We received the Ardahan Ropeway tender. We took the tender of the Seven Wells Ski Center in Kahramanmaraş. In Istanbul, we will be a material supplier to the Boğaziçi University Rumeli Hisarüstü-Aşiyan Funicular Line. We have several ski resorts in the Balkans, Greece and the countries of the former Yugoslavia. Not signed yet. We are also planning to establish a wind turbine under the 1 MW in Kadıyayla. Ayrıca Cumbul, Bursa Teleferik Inc. within the 85 people added employment, he added.

We will set up a ropeway for ropeway passengers

Ilker Cumbul, 2016'da 800 thousand passengers carry the cable car by emphasizing, more than 40 passengers is more than the foreigner, the tourists came from the Gulf countries, he said. Cumbul, this year 900 thousand on the passenger said they aimed to reach. Expressing that they currently serve with a total of 140 cabins, Cumbul mentioned their investments and said yatırım Last year we invested around 12 million euros. This year we are planning to invest a million euros in 35 with new projects. We have a ski runway project with a capacity of 2 thousand people per day for the skiers coming to Uludağ to ski. 2018 We plan to commission in October. We will put in artificial snow machines and we will open the season one month before the other enterprises in Uludag. We also have a pond and a walking path project. To this end, we are in talks with Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. Bun

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