Tefer power to traffic jam last

An end to traffic chaos in Teferrüç: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which solved all the nodes of the traffic in the city one by one, especially with the renewal of the cable car line, the square arrangement and intersection of the Teferrüç square, where the traffic density increased even more. kazanyelling. Examining the works on site, Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe said that the traffic in the region will breathe a sigh of relief once the construction is completed.

Producing long-term solutions to the urban traffic problem with rail system lines, new roads and road expansion works, intersection and bridge manufacturing, the Metropolitan Municipality also eliminates the traffic problem at the crossroads of Teferrüç, Piremir and Zümrütevler neighborhoods. Approximately 3 thousand square meters in the area with the intersection and square arrangements made in the traffic will breathe smoothly, and the people of the region will have a comfortable breath will be established.

Confusion will end
Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, indicating that they have completed the projects to breathe the urban transportation, studied the site of the construction of the intersection in Teferrüç Square. President Altepe, who recalled that the traffic density increased with the renewal of the ropeway line in Teferrüç Square, which is the intersection point of Teferrüç, Zümrütevler and Piremir Districts. This arrangement will both relax the traffic and add beauty to the region. Seats for our citizens will be created. At this point, the vehicle turmoil will be eliminated. Already get better for the region, Şimd he said.

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